Monday, October 26, 2015

Six Months Old// 10.22.15

How is my baby already 1/2 a year old?!! Seriously, I just gave birth to him and now he's almost a year old and I've already booked his year old photo shoot. I literally can't even! The last 6 months with him have been a whirlwind of emotion. So many tears have shed all the way from happiness down to frustration. I can't imagine my life without this little guy. Being his momma is the absolute best and I'm looking forward to the next 6 months and so on with him.
"Our big 6 month old"

Walker turned 6 months old on the 22nd and had his checkup on the 26th. He is right on track with his development and doc says that he's a perfectly healthy little boy. He's very high on the growth charts and honestly always has been. Today he weighed a whopping 21 pounds and 27.5 inches! My little chunky butt also had 4 shots and let me know he was not happy about it. I feel so bad for him when he gets shots, but it's for his own good and I'll be thankful when he doesn't catch a disease or the flu for that matter.
"All smiles before getting shots"

Here's a little update on little Walker James
  • He is sitting up all on his own & loves to play with toys!
  • He smiles all the time and is almost always in a good mood
  • He is finally enjoying tummy time and will roll all over the floor
  • He is eating more of a variety of 2nd stage food and he prefers veggies over fruit any day
  • He loves the outdoors and could sit out there watching cars drive by for hours
  • He is such a people person and will smile and flirt with any girl who gives him attention
  • He is such a little snuggle bug and I absolutely love it
  • He has the cutest laugh and loves it when daddy plays with him after he gets off work
  • He is literally a drool machine! We go through tons of bibs
  • He still loves bath time and thinks splashing me is the funniest thing
  • He still doesn't have any teeth, but boy is he working those teething toys

Happy 6 months, Walker!
Oh how we love you so!
"6 months of pure cuteness"

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