Monday, November 2, 2015

Holland Farms & Halloween

"His First Halloween"

Saturday was Halloween, and what better way to start the day than to take Walker to his first trip to Holland Farms! His Daddy had to work, but we met my Sister In Law  and her main squeeze with their little one. We got there a little earlier than them so we went ahead and played in the corn box, and with some pumpkins. It was so cute watching him play in the corn box. He wasn't too sure what it was and mainly watched the other kids play and smiled. He's so curious of older kids and you can tell he wants to play with them. Once everyone else got there we walked around with the kids and showed them some farm animals and took pictures at photo props. Walker is around babies quite often, but for some reason when he's around Charlotte he reaches for her and wants to give her "kisses" which is usually sucking on her head. It's the funniest thing and Charlotte just sits there and looks at us like is he really doing this again? They are so precious together and I'm so glad that they will always have each other to play with.
"Playing in the corn pit"
"My sweet pumpkin"
"Watching the older kids play"
"Giving Charlotte kisses"

Once we left the farm we went to lunch with them and then headed home. Walker was way past overdue on his nap and cried the whole way home from lunch. I tried to lay him down before we went over to my parents house for dinner and trick or treating, but he was fighting it. Finally I gave up and let him play in his pack n play. He played the whole time until it was time to go. Once we got to my parents he was a little fussy and then after dinner when we tried getting him ready in his outfit he screamed the entire time. Poor guy was exhausted. The weather ended up being bad anyways, so all we wanted to do was take pictures. We took maybe 5 all together and only 2 turned out ok. It was the cutest outfit ever and I was so excited to see him in it, but again he's only 6 months old. If he's not having a good time it's not going to happen. Next year will be a lot more fun with the whole dressing up! After we undressed him I cuddled him in my arms and he was out like a light. 
"The cutest Lumberjack"
"Our one picture before the meltdown"

Overall, it was a perfect first Halloween with my little guy! Holidays are so much more fun with him. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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