Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WJW// 7,8,9 Months

I really can't believe that I haven't done a monthly update on here in 3 months! I always update on my Instagram (lexiward0323) and my Facebook, but completely forget to on here. I really try to keep up with my blog and I just really don't ever find the time. Right now Walker is taking a nap so I thought I would try and catch everyone up on this little handsome dude. Honestly, to go ahead and post this before the little one wakes up I just copied and pasted from my FB post! ;)

7 months 11.22.15

My sweet boy is 7 months old! He's still learning how to crawl, loves to snuggle with me & his daddy every night, and will stare at the fish tank for hours! He does not like having me out of his sight or being alone in the living room. He hates really any type of fruit and gags every time I try and feed it to him. He's my pride & joy! Watching him grow makes me want to cherish every moment I can with him. Soon he won't want me to hold him tight or feed him from a spoon. So for now I'll take advantage as much as I can you being a sweet snuggle bug. I love you Walks, happy 7 months!

"7 months"
"W's first Thanksgiving"
"Hanging out with Willow"

8 months 12.22.15

Happy 8 months to my sweet boy! Let me just say it is incredibly difficult getting a baby to stay still and smile while trying to crawl all over the place! Walker is putting everything in his mouth, soaking through bibs, crawling and getting into anything within reach, and clapping to his hearts content. He's such a fun and silly boy! He keeps me on my toes and I'm loving this age. I love you, Walks! You bring so much joy to everyone around you!

"8 months"
"W's first Christmas & meeting Santa"
"Already getting into trouble"
"Oh my heart"

9 months 1.22.16

Happy 9 months Walker! Not every monthly update is all smiles (especially with a boy who doesn't stop moving and rips off his sticker). Walker can say momma & dada, he is pulling up on everything and crawling like a pro! He is also Mr. Attitude and has become the master at sucking in that bottom lip. I absolutely love being your momma and I wouldn't trade that cute pouty face for the world.

"9 months"
"Pulling up on everything"
"9 month checkup"

I really can't believe that in 3 months I will have a 1 year old. I am already planning his FIRST Birthday and I am so excited for it (even though I have shed a few tears). Where did my little baby go?

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