Monday, August 24, 2015

Four months old// 8.22.15

"love those cheeks"

Walker is 4 months old!! I feel like he just turned 3 months last week. I know I say this all of the time, but time is seriously flying... before I know it he will be half a year old. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Lol

Last Thursday Walker had his 4 month checkup! We got all great news, except that Walker needed to slow down his eating because he's growing too fast. I couldn't make this checkup because I was training with my new job at Baptist. So it was Daddy who gave me all the good news.

Walker is 17 solid pounds and 25 inches! His heart murmur has completely healed (thank the good Lord) and he's 70th percentile in height, 80 in weight, and 90 in head circumference. His Doctor also cleared us for solids which I have been anxiously awaiting for! I couldn't wait to start buying the baby food and feeing it to him.

That night we tried to just give him formula mixed with rice cereal and feed it to him by spoon and he was just not having it. So we broke out the applesauce and W really enjoyed it. He didn't really know what was going on or how to keep it in his mouth, but I expected that the first night trying a new thing. We are trying to feed him solids for lunch and dinner. He gets a bottle in the morning and then at night before he goes to bed around 9:30. So far we have tried Apples, Bananas, Pears, and Peas. He has liked all of them! We are going to try squash and carrots next. This stage is just so much fun. I love my smiley, happy baby! He is just so much fun right now. He is starting to play with toys and drooling ALL over the place. I swear I'm constantly changing clothes/bibs and giving him a bath every day.

Happy 4 months baby boy! I love you so much!

Here are a few pictures of my not so little guy! Enjoy :)

"Mr. Chunky at his checkup" 
"All smiles before his shots"
"Eating Applesauce"

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Monday, August 3, 2015

WJW// 3 months old

I am seriously terrible with this whole blogging thing. I can't find the time to blog anymore being a mom,  having a full time job, and going to school. I totally missed Walker's 3 month update. So instead, I figured I would talk about my 3 month old and what he's up too.

"Three months old 7/22/15"
"My sweet boy"
"Love his snuggles"

Walker is a vibrant, loud, and silly baby. I can't tell you how much I look forward to coming home to him everyday. He is smiling all the time and on the verge on laughing (which I just absolutely cannot wait for)! He has grown out of him colic and thank the good Lord for that. When he cries it's because he actually needs something and usually only cries when he wants a bottle. Boy doesn't play when it comes to food. He is holding his head up and rolling over like a pro. He is still a little wobbly sitting in his bumbo so I have to stick the boppy behind his head. He is starting to interact and play with toys. The other day I had him on the couch sitting up with his boppy and he was just sitting there grabbing his plastic ball and moving it all around. I watched him the whole time I was folding laundry and you could just see the concentration in that boys face. It was the cutest thing.
"Hanging out with daddy"
"My heart"

He is also sleeping 7 hours through the night and usually wakes up around 6. Sometimes he wakes up earlier because he has uncovered himself, but I cover him back up and he falls right back asleep. Little man somehow always gets out of Daddy's tight swaddle. He grew out of his sleeper and his solely in his crib now. He sleeps only on his back and always has his hands up by his face. Mornings with him are my absolute favorite. When he wakes up he cries until he gets a bottle, but after that he is all smiles. He is in the best mood and I play with him for a few hours until he lays down for is morning nap around 9-10.

Little man absolutely loves bath time!! He knows what's going on when I get the tub out from the closet. He starts getting all excited and kicks his legs when I undress him and pull off his diaper. Once he's in the water he just looks and smiles at me. He could literally be under the warm running water for hours. His whole 3 months of life he has not cried one time in the tub. When he was a newborn he would scream when I took him out of the tub and wrapped him up in the towel. Now I think he is used to it and I dry him off real quick. Now he just screams every time he gets dressed/undressed. Something about putting a onesie or shirt over his head just pisses him right off.
"Love this baby"
"Bath time with this stinker"

I am still breast feeding and supplementing with formula while I'm at work. Later this month Walker goes in for his 4 month checkup. He is getting two more shots and the Doc is going to talk with me about starting solid foods. I am so excited to start feeding him mashed up bananas and what not.

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