Monday, March 3, 2014

What a week!!

So this past week has been excited, tiring, and hectic all in one! Since last Monday morning I have been going 90 miles an hour non stop!

Monday night was Stephanie's baby shower with the church ladies for little Emma! My mother in law and I threw it for her and it was an absolute success. Right when Stephanie walked in the house she started crying (tears of joy of course)! She has been wanting and praying for a baby for over a year now. Now that she is due next month it is getting so real for her and her husband.  I could not be more happy for her & I know that when I get pregnant it will be another blessing in our church. I didn't take many pictures of the occasion, but my sister Katie did & I stole a few from her :)

Tuesday was another eventful day for me! It was the first day of babysitting sweet McKinley! She is almost three months old and soooooooo dang cute. Her momma works nights and needed someone to watch her for a few hours while she slept during the day and of course I volunteered myself because I have the time and I LOVE babies. I got there at 9 and you could tell that the momma was super tired. When she woke up she told me that she didn't even remember me coming over, lol. McKinley and I spent our morning watching some Netflix and eating some breakfast. After that she decided that she wanted to take a nap and I just watched some more Netflix. She is the most easy going baby I have ever watched. She did not cry one time and was a happy baby when her momma woke up. Needless to say us girls are all happy campers! I can't wait to watch her again on Wednesday :)


Wednesday was a littler slower (I didn't mind) & I worked and went to church to that night. My mom in law made potato soup and it was delicious!! After church I went back to her house and stayed for a couple of hours waiting for Dakota to get off work. It was nice just me and Tracy hanging out in the living room talking and eating some peach cobbler.
Thursday was the best day of the week for me! I met a friend of a friend who I am helping throw a bridal shower. We met at Starbucks and went over everything. We decided to do a beach theme because Lori loves the color teal and of course the gorgeous Pensacola beaches. Her shower is in April so we have a few more times to meet. Later that day my aunt Terri texted me that the apartment we have been wanting is ours!!! We finally get to move out of our tiny one bedroom apartment and move on up! Dakota and I couldn't wait to move and that night we headed over to the new apartment to clean it up before moving in the next day. After we got home from cleaning I started to pack everything up. Then I realized that I had not one, but TWO finals to take for my online classes. Luckily I finished just in time and I passed both of my classes! I start my next two tonight :)
Friday is moving day! I woke up at 6 because I could not wait to get started. Dakota felt differently about that, lol and slept in until 8:30. Around 9 his friend came over to help move the big furniture and also Dakota's grandparents came over with a trailer and helped us move also. It was a very stressful day....... & I am so glad that day is over. That night Dakota and I met up Katie and Ethan at the mall for some yummy dinner and shopkicking. Of course the boys hate to watch us scan stuff so they went to Dick's and just looked around until we were done. It was so nice hanging out with them and getting out the house because I literally was about to go insane from all of the stress moving and dealing with certain people... but I wont go into that on here. ;)
Saturday I woke up feeling like crap. I had an allergy attack the night before and I called my granny to see if she had any medicine. Of course my granny always has everything in stock and came to my rescue. That Benadryl knocked me out and that was probably the best sleep I have gotten all week. I was supposed to go to a wedding around 1, but that didn't happen because I was snoozin' away. After I got up I worked around the house and tried to get all of the boxes unpacked. That didn't happen. Later that day my friend Brittnee and my brother Garrett helped me pack some more of my stuff at the old apartment. Its literally never ending over there. We have so much junk that I need to get rid of. How we stuffed all of that in our tiny apartment I will never understand. Katie and Ethan came over as well and we all got out the huge black trash bags. It was so nice having the extra help because I would of had to do all of that myself since Dakota was working everyday all day. That night we went over to my in laws for some yummy pizza. The night ended nicely with cuddling up to Dakota on a non made bed.
Sunday I decided to go to church instead of sleeping in. It was nice going and I really enjoyed the message. After church I headed over to my granny's house for some lunch. We ate and talked for about an hour and then she and I headed off to deep clean the old apartment. It took us almost three hours to clean that tiny apartment, but it is finally done and I am so happy that I do not have to make a trip over there again. All I need to worry about it unpacking what we have now. Later that night I went over to my parents house and my mom and I took out the old photo albums. It was nice to just sit and laugh at old pictures. My mom and I haven't done that in a long while. Once Dakota got off work my dad ordered pizza. This time it was from Marcos and it was pretty good. I'm just going to throw this out there that I wont be having pizza for a while. Having it two nights in a row is not appetizing. Later that night Dakota worked on school work and I unpacked some more things. My night ended passing out on the couch and waking up the next morning in bed. I cant remember Dakota waking me up. That is how exhausted I was.
Until next time, Lexi