Monday, June 30, 2014

Vacation//Late Anniversary Weekend

It was finally the weekend we had been waiting for! It was time to go too Universal Studios! We have had these plans since March and were supposed to go with my best friend Brittnee and her husband but they ended up not being able to go. So Dakota and I decided to make the trip a second honeymoon and celebrate our anniversary that was back in March. The weekend went by SO fast but I loved every minute of it. I especially loved spending THREE whole days with my husband and it just being us. Our work schedules never match up so we don't get to spend the weekends together and this trip really focused on us spending time together.

Thursday I went work and I was counting down the hours because we were leaving that night. Once 5:00 FINALLY rolled around I headed straight home to change and help Dakota pack the car. Of course before we headed on our long journey we had to stop by Sonic and get some Nerd slushies. Literally the best. thing. ever. I majorly suck at road trips though because I have to pee every hour or so. Dakota knew that marrying me so he can't act surprised that we needed to stop at every other rest area. lol, but once we got to Ponce De Leon I decided to just go to sleep because 1. I was extremely tired and 2. It was help me from going pee so often. I was asleep for about 4 hours and woke up when we were getting off the exit to Ocala. Our hotel that we had booked back in March wouldn't do check in until Friday at 4 PM. We got to Ocala around 1 in the morning and stopped at the Quality Inn. We got a room for pretty cheap because we had a coupon book and it saved us $25.00. Once we got settled in and my head hit the pillow I was out.
"Off to Orlando"

"Nerd Slush"

Friday morning my alarm woke me up at 7:30 and I got ready for the fun filled day number 1! Once I finished getting ready and woke Dakota up we headed down to get some breakfast. I made me a waffle and Dakota had biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, and a muffin. Once we finished eating we gathered all of our things and checked out. We headed toward Orlando around 9:20 and it was an hour before we reached our destination. It wasn't really that packed yet and we got the second level of the parking garage. We got two day park to park tickets and decided to do the Universal side first. The first ride we stood in line for was Transformers. It's a new ride and is basically the same concept as Spiderman. It's 3D and the cart just moves up and down and backwards but on the screen it feels like you are really flying up and falling down. We waiting an hour to ride that ride and then we were off to the Mummy ride. We rode everything we could until our tummies started growling. For lunch we ate the Hard Rock CafĂ© and it was really cool. They had a car right in the middle of the building and it was on top of something and rotating around. Dakota ordered the Nachopalozza, and I ordered a burger and fries. The food was really good and it was hilarious watching Dakota try to finish off all the nachos. He saw them on the starter side of the menu and thought it was an appetizer, but they were piled on pretty high. After eating lunch we wanted to let our food settle and we went to City walk and watched the new Transformers movie at their AMC theater. I loved the movie and I thought it was super cool that we were watching it at the park. After the movie we walked back outside and saw that it had rained a little bit and people were leaving, but we walked back to the park and lighting struck really bad and they were closing down the rides. So we left the park and headed to check in to our hotel.
"Getting ready for day one"
"In line for Transformers"
"Still in line for Transformers"
"Eating lunch with this handsome guy"
"So in love with him"
"His huge plate of nachos"
"The after picture, lol"
"My burger and fries"
"Gotta have a picture next to the Universal globe"
We checked into our hotel about 7:00 and once we got settled and took a shower we headed downstairs to their little shop called the Lite bite. I got ramen and a fruit cup for dinner (weird I know) and Dakota got chicken tenders and fries. We ate dinner in our room and watched some standup by Kevin Heart. It was nice being able to relax and laugh with my husband. I knew this moment wouldn't last very long so I snuggled up next to my hubby and soaked up every minute of it.
"Eating my dinner in bed"

"Loving on my sweet man"


Saturday we woke up early once again and got ready for the fun filled day number 2 ahead of us! Our hotel had a breakfast bar and the food was pretty good! After eating we headed back to another day at the park only this time we went to Islands of Adventure. We got there around 10:00 and it was already packed. I knew Saturday was going to be bad, but not that bad. Every ride's waiting time was over an hour long so Dakota and I did the single riders line (which nobody was in) and we literally were in line for 15 minutes and we rode right next to each other! We were cheating the system and did that with every single ride AND we rode together every single time!!! We were done riding everything around 3:00! We walked through a lot of parks just sightseeing and we stood in line twice for dueling dragons which is now the dragon challenge and it was awesome. If you have never been on that ride I promise it's worth waiting 10 extra minutes to ride front row. I didn't care to go to harry potter world but my sister kept saying how good the butter beer was so I had to try it! I stood in line for 20 minutes to get my little cup of deliciousness. I got it frozen and it was pretty good! After walking around the park and taking a break from the rides I noticed that Dakota was on his phone A LOT. I kept thinking to myself what the heck could be more important than us here right now. Well it turns out that Mr. Romantic was planning a couples massage for a late anniversary present. When he told me we had an appointment at 4:30 in Downtown Orlando I couldn't help but smile really big. He had promised me a couples massage back in March, but we never got around to it. So it was the perfect time to finally get one done. We headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready. Once we got to the spa I got really excited and couldn't wait for this hour massage. Of course the hour flew by and it was done before I knew it. It felt SO GOOD and we were both super relaxed. I guess I forgot that they used oil and it was all in my hair. My hair looked so greasy and we had dinner plans after, but I didn't care. I was on cloud 9. That night we ate dinner at TGI Fridays and it was really good. I got steak, jasmine rice pilaf, and a small side salad. Dakota got sizzling chicken with some vegetables and onions and a cheese sauce. The table next to us had a really cute son and he looked about two. He kept turning around and smiling at me. My heart melted and of course I smiled and flirted back. He had dark hair and brown eyes and I couldn't help but think about what our kids will look like one day. After dinner Dakota and I were so exhausted. We laid in bed and snuggled while watching the movie Space Jam. We really didn't want to go home the next day and we talked about all the fun we had and how much we enjoyed spending time together.
"Breakfast with this cutie"

"Kota take a picture with, we are on vacation!"

"At Islands Of Adventure"

"Entering Harry Potter world"

"This cutie!"

"Frozen Butter beer"
"Glowing and waiting in line for Spiderman"

"Islands of Adventure"

"Taking a pic with Iron Man"

"Hanging out with this guy"
"Headed to downtown Orlando"

"The entrance to the Spa"
"Couples Massage Time"
"Greasy hair don't care"
"Spending our last night cuddling and watching space jam"
Sunday I didn't wake up to an alarm and it was wonderful. I woke up around 9 on my own and started packing up all of our belongings. Check out wasn't until 11 so we took our time getting ready for the long road trip. We got home around 4:30 and headed to my granny's house to eat dinner and talk to them about the trip and how much fun we had. After that we stopped by my parents house to see them and visit. We talked with them a while and then that night met Dakota's parents at Sonic. It was good seeing our family because we did miss them while we were gone. We had a wonderful vacation and late anniversary trip and I'm sad it's already over... but we already have our trip planned out next year to go to Tampa! I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! I am so happy that I'm off today and being able to rest and I'm also off Friday because of the 4th of July!! This weekend is going to be really fun as well!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!
Until next time, Lexi! :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's day weekend//Celebrations

So, this past weekend was Father's day and it was wonderful. I love spending time with my daddy because I am such a daddy's girl. We have such a close relationship and I love that we can always joke together. My dad is a funny guy and any day celebrating him is a good day. Also, today is my granny and brother's birthday so we celebrated them over the weekend too!

Friday, on my lunch break I met my grandparents, brother, and his girlfriend Ashley at Moe's. I love Moe's and love how fast their service is. It's nice not having to rush to finish eating and run back to work. After eating you can actually talk and catch up without worrying how much longer you have. Of course after we ate we had to take a family photo! That afternoon after I got off work I met my friend Jamie for dinner at Shark Fin. I was still pretty full from lunch so I just got a side salad and their homemade soup. It was alright, but I think I'll stick to the sweet and sour chicken! ;) After dinner we headed to the movies to watch A fault in our stars. That movie was SO good. I didn't cry as much as I thought I was going too (which is a good thing). I liked that even though the movie was sad that they also added a lot of humor to it. After the movies I headed back home to spend time with my hubby.
"Group photo"

"Love my family"
"Me and Jamie"

Saturday I woke up with NO alarm clock!!! I loved waking up and not being tired. I went from the bed to the couch and caught up on a couple of shows. Right now I am really loving Little Women of LA. Don't ask me why, but I think it's really interesting following the life of "little women". After watching my show I finally got the motivation to do a lot of my assignments for my online courses and actually finished up a lot of my work. Once I get started I try to finish everything... it makes for a long boring time, but it's worth it when I only have to do it once or twice a week. After finishing my homework I got ready and headed to Crystal's baby shower for little Bella. She came early so she attended her own shower which I thought was super cute. I got to hold her while her momma was opening presents and I was soaking up all the baby love I could. I seriously can't wait until I get to hold my own baby and not have to give them back to their momma. After celebrating the new baby I headed over to my parents house. Right now I am enrolled in some Business Law courses and my dad really helped me out with some case studies because he is an attorney and for some weird reason loves anything political. After finishing up my homework we looked at old photos and I found some really cute ones of me and daddy from when I was little girl. Of course I had to use those to make a photo collage for Father's Day. Dakota got off work around 7 and headed over to my parents house too. It was a nice time hanging out with my family because we don't get to do it that often.
"Cute entrance chalkboard"

"All the yummy food"

"Me, Bella, Emma, and Tracy"

"Me and sweet Bella"

"She's such a cutie"
"My sister, Hannah. Don't worry she will get lots of practice with the head support"

"The baby girls"

Sunday I woke up to my alarm clock, but it's okay because it was going to be a long, fun day. Dakota had to work and left the house before I got up. I got ready for church and actually left on time, but of course I was STILL late for church because I was stuck behind a train that kept going forwards and backwards. I was literally 10 minutes away from church before the train stopped me.... and that quickly turned into 20 minutes late. After church I headed to my in-laws house for lunch. His momma made a taco casserole and it was delicious. I gave Dakotas dad his card and present. Dakota walked around Academy for an hour trying to figure out what to get him and finally gave up and got him a gift card, which in my opinion is better because he can go pick out whatever he wants. My birthday was back in March, but my sister and brother in law just got my present and I would say it was worth the wait. They got me gel nail polish, kitty socks, and an adorable kitty watch. Seriously, it's the cutest thing I have ever seen. After leaving their house I headed to Target to get last minute cards and just walk around and waste time until it was time to head to my parents house. I got the cutest dress! I am obsessed with Paisley and this dress was right up my alley. So obsessed that even though it was a little to big for me I got it anyways because there were no mediums left. After spending an hour or two in Target I went to parents house to celebrate fathers day and my granny and brothers birthday. My mom made lasagna and we all loved it so much that nobody at the table talked. All you could hear was "mmmmm, this is good" lol. After eating we opened presents and me, Dakota, and Garrett split money and got my dad some cologne! He was running low so we thought we would surprise him and surprised he was! We also got my granny a coach wallet and some Bath & Body Works, and got my brother a shirt that he's been wanting from his favorite store! After opening presents we just enjoyed each others company and talked and laughed. It was a great Father's day and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful dad and father in law in my life.

"Lovin' my new dress"

"Little brother & the birthday boy"

"Me & Athena hangin' out"

"We aren't serious people, lol"

"Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world! I love you"
"Happy birthday to this sweet granny of mine"
"Happy 17th birthday to the best little brother ever"

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Father's day.
Until next time, Lexi! :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend recap//Milestones

Well another weekend flew by and it is already Monday! This past weekend was my last weekend before school starts back up. I really enjoyed my month off from school, but it's time to get back to reality. Speaking of reality I just finished up my last pack of birth control! Yes, you read that right... but I will touch on that later in the post for those of who you stick around that long ;)

Friday afternoon was the weekly lunch date with my granny and my husband met us for lunch too because he had the day off. My granny picked me up and we all met at Moe's. I got the burrito bowl and as usual it was delicious. The hour flew by and it was already time to get back to work.  While at work Dakota told me that we were in the final steps of closing on the home that we are trying to buy. He also met with a cabinet company and they are going to be making our kitchen and bathroom cabinets/counters. (I know I haven't mentioned anything about the house, but I didn't want to get my hopes up that we were going to get it. So SURPRISE) That afternoon Dakota wanted us and his friends to go to Foley for some shopping and to eat dinner at Lambert's. We met everyone at Tim's house and we all went in Dakota's truck. I didn't find anything though which was a bummer, but I did score a super cute phone case from Coach for $10. After leaving the mall we headed to Lambert's and surprisingly it wasn't that busy. I am not really a big fan of their food and just got a salad. It was fun hanging out with friends and just joking the whole time.
"The whole group at Lambert's"

Saturday morning Dakota and I got up early and had to be at my grandparents house at 9:00. We all loaded up in the truck and were headed to the family reunion in Red Level, Alabama. It was a 2 hour drive and boy did it stink. We took the back roads and it was longggggg. We finally got there and it was a small reunion, but it was nice getting to see everyone and meet new faces. The family reunion was for the Mason's and my great granny Brooks was one of 7 Mason's. There was good food and great company. My favorite was the family quilt. It has everyone's names stitched on in on a piece of fabric and it was all sewn together and was really like a family tree. Next year we can hopefully add another family member to the quilt! After we left the reunion we headed to the cemetery where my great granny Brooks was buried back in April of 2011. We brought her and the family some pretty flowers and told them we loved them and left. Thank goodness we took the interstate on the way home or I would have gone cross eyed looking at the trees on the way back. Once we got home Dakota and I wanted to take a nap so bad, but instead we had to go to the mall and Target to get presents for a birthday, baby shower, fathers day, and more birthdays. We got everyone done & were so glad to be headed home. We stopped by a Redbox and got "I, Frankenstein". We made a breakfast dinner and attempted to watch the movie, but it was just too late. Our eyes couldn't stay open that long so we hit the hay early.
"Dakota, me, and my grandparents"

"Looking at the family history"

"The family quilt"

"Me & my hubs"
"Dakota having a great time shopping, lol"

Sunday we woke up and went to church. We had a guest preacher and I really enjoyed him and his message. Since he was a guest our family took him, his brother, and his nephew out to eat. There were 10 of us and we all went out to Chili's. It was really good! I got the chicken Fajitas and I will probably get it again. I'm a really picky eater so I get excited when I find something that I like. After lunch me, Dakota, Katie, and Ethan all headed back to our house to swim in the pool. The sun was hot and the pool felt amazing. Me and Katie haven't hung out in a while just us so it was nice to just sit and talk to her at the pool. We talked mainly about babies and the future. She and her husband plan on having a baby in the near future too. We are both so excited and plan on going to a seminar about pregnancy this Thursday. That afternoon after the Macarthur's left Dakota and I headed to Sonic for some nerd slushies and dinner. Those drinks are addicting. We talked about babies and what we wanted in life. Sooooo back to the topic of me getting off BC. Sunday was my last pill and I called Walgreens today to cancel the rest of my refills. It is such a crazy feeling. I'm SO excited because we are another step forward to parenthood, but I am also so nervous. We are both ready to be parents and now it is all in Gods hands when he blesses us with a sweet baby.

"Ethan hanging out with Willow"
"Relaxing by the pool"

So now I am going to enjoy my last Monday night not having to do anything but relax & cook dinner for my hubby because tomorrow starts the long nights of homework. I hope everyone had a great weekend! This coming up weekend is going to be full of birthdays, showers, and celebrations!
Until next time, Lexi!