Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend recap!

Well apparently I just can't do my weekend recap on Monday and I am always a day or two late.... regardless I am still proud of myself for actually doing it. This week I haven't been feeling too hot & I am pretty sure my husband gave me his nasty sore throat and cough... awesome I know.

Friday, I finally got to sit at my own desk and was able to stop shadowing the girl who was training me. So I made a super cute background just because I am so proud to finally have my own things. Lame, I know.. but when you sit at a little corner for 2 years just stuffing envelopes with no computer access at my old job it's a pretty big upgrade. My granny called me and asked what I was doing for lunch. I had brought a lean cuisine, but how could I pass up a lunch with my granny?! I love that woman dearly & I love getting to spend time with her. She picked me up and we went to Jimmy John's and then a quick trip to Sears! My work is right behind Sears and so we able to squeeze in that mini shopping trip until 5 minutes before I had to be back at work. It was the fastest hour of my life, but so thankful I got to spend it with my granny! That night Dakota was working until 11:30 PM so I went out with my grandparents to dinner and then went back to their house for a while until it was time for Dakota to get off. I actually ended up spending the night because I was SUPER tired & Dakota had to go back into work at 5 that next morning so it was probably best that I stayed at my grandparents so Dakota could get some good sleep.
"My super cute desktop background"
"My even more cute granny!"
Saturday morning I woke up around 8 (which is sleeping in for me) ! I had plans with Britt that day to go to Mobile and after eating breakfast and chatting with my granny I headed home to get ready. Britt came over to my house around 11 & we were on our way to a fun day full of shopping! The trip there went by so fast because we talked the whole time and got to catch up. Me & Britt talk everyday through text, but there's just something about us talking each others ears off when we are together. Once we got to mobile our first stop was to get something to eat because we were both starving. After getting our bellies full we went to Forever 21! Out of that whole entire store I did not find one dang thing...... I was so upset. The whole point of going to mobile to shop is to hit up Forever 21!! After walking the entire mall & what seemed like 6 hours later we were headed home. We both got a lot of good stuff & I got to use my Secret Rewards from VS and with my whole entire purchase I only paid $2!!!! That night Dakota and I went over to my parents house to watch the UFC fight. I didn't care too much about it, but Dakota really wanted to see it. I would of rather gone out to dinner and see a movie, but ya know. I really tried to stay awake for the whole thing, but I ended up falling asleep and couldn't wait to get home to snuggle with my warm and cozy bed.
"On our way to Mobile"

"Seriously, how cute is this kitty onesie?"

"Love her and this awesome store"
"Me & the little brother watching the UFC fight!"
"Me & Athena!"
Sunday I didn't go to church because I procrastinated with my homework and had to finish all of it up before a certain time. I'm super bad about that, but it's my last week and I am getting pretty lazy with my homework. I have found out that I work much better under pressure and a time limit. I actually stay more focused. After finishing up my homework I went to Target and shopped around until it was time to meet my cousin Linda for some super cute maternity pictures! We met at NAS and of course had to take pictures next to my favorite wall and stairs. The whole session was so nice and the weather turned out to be so refreshing. It was warm, but had a cool breeze. This was my first maternity session and I loved taking pictures of her cute belly. They really aren't kidding when they say "pregnancy glow" because that momma was glowin'!! That afternoon Dakota got off at a reasonable time and we went out to dinner since neither of us felt like cooking. We went to Coach n four and it was alright. I wouldn't go again. Well, there you have it. My super exciting weekend & I can't wait for this one coming up. It's Linda's baby shower & I have another photo session if the weather holds up.
"My sweet babies cuddling"
"Daniel kissing his baby sister"

"My favorite picture"
"My hubby looks so cute even though he's super tired"

 Until next time, Lexi!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

Yesterday I swear I was working on my Easter weekend post and I was almost done & accidently pressed the backspace button! So I lost everything and did not feel like redoing it again. So here I am again and hopefully I can get through the whole post without it messing up! With that being said, Easter weekend was filled with good family, friends, and food (which I ate a lot of..... so much for the diet) Anyways, I wasn't off on good Friday but it was a good day because it was my last day at the VA.

 Friday I went to work at Landrum from 7:20-1:00 & then headed over to the VA for my last day. I walked in and saw a pretty cake and a heartfelt card with a cute present. It was kind of bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone because I have worked there for 2 years and I ate lunch with my dad everyday because he works in the building too. The cake was SOOO yummy! It was marble with strawberry filling. After saying my goodbye's I headed over to my granny's house for a delicious breakfast dinner with my husband, brother, his girlfriend, and my cousin Rachel. It was a good time catching up and just joking the whole time at the dinner table. After eating and cleaning up my brother and his girlfriend went to Target, but the rest of us stayed for a few rounds of Uno! After playing for about an hour and a half and adding up all of the points I came out as winner!! So I let everyone know that I was champion of course. After leaving my granny's Dakota and I went home and gathered up a bunch of stuff for the yard sale the next day.
"The yummy cake and thoughtful card"
"Me & Ray playing some Uno"
"Beating everyone"
Saturday I woke up to Dakota's alarm clock @ 4:55 and it was time to get up and pack my car with all of our junk! I got to my granny's at 5:30 and helped her set up. Around 7:00 my cousin Rachel and friend Brittnee showed up and helped as well. It was so windy outside that the stuff on top of the tables kept on blowing off! I was literally over this yard sale within the first 2 hours and it was only 9:00! Fortunately I sold over $100 and got rid of a lot of stuff. What didn't sell we put in the trailor for my grandparents to drop off at Goodwill. After cleaning up my grandparents took me & Britt to Applebee's for some much deserved lunch. I got the steak and it wasn't very good. I think I'll stick to the Fiesta Lime Chicken next time like I always do. After leaving Applebee's I headed home and passed out on the couch. I slept from 2:30-6:00! It felt good, but I hate that I wasted half the day. Once Dakota home from work we invited Brittnee over for some healthy chicken tacos. They were really good!!! Even though I took a super long nap I still slept super good that night. :)
"selling some weddin' stuff"

"The windy yard sale"

"Rachel modeling some hot glasses my granny was trying to sell which...didn't"

Sunday it was Easter!! I woke up at 7 to finish up my homework so I didn't have to leave early from the family festivities since everything is due Sunday night at 8:00 pm . After finishing up mu homework I had time to lounge around so I folded some clothes, watched 4 weddings, and ate my Greek yogurt. Even though I gave myself PLENTY of time to get ready for church I was STILL late! My stupid bangs would not cooperate. They are at this awkward stage right now where they are too long to wear straight across and are in my eyes, but too short to lay them to the side. So after a can of hairspray I finally just said whatever, and left. Church service was great and I enjoyed the message. After service the family always takes pictures and then after that I headed to my mommy's house so we could ride together to my aunts house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt. It was so nice seeing everyone because I hardly ever see anyone on my moms side. It was fun watching all of my little cousins hunt Easter eggs & of course I had to hold and feed baby Layla! After leaving my aunts house we headed to my grannys again for Easter dinner. After eating what felt like a Thanksgiving dinner we were all totally stuffed, but we had to take a few pictures before it got dark. I have a wonderful Easter even though I didn't get to spend it with my husband. Now enjoy all the picture spam :)
"The Ward/Macarthur Family minus Dakota"

"Hanging out with sweet Lily"

"The sisters"
"Me, my momma, and baby Layla"

"Feeding Layla" :)
"My granny, Ashley, and my momma"

"My sweet family" <3

"The Brooks Family!"

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I know I did :)

Until next time, Lexi

Friday, April 18, 2014

Instagram Fails (Part 1)

I saw this on my sister -in-law's blog and I thought it was pretty funny! It's about the Instagram pictures that you post that are totally random and have no point, but you post them anyway just so see how many likes you can get and let's face it we are all guilty of it. So here's my top 10 Instagram fails!! Enjoy my pointless pictures because it seemed like everyone else did :)

1. My "hey everyone, look at these cute boxes with my save the dates"! Yes I know I was excited, but did I really have to take a picture of the unopened boxes? lol


2. My, "oh look guys, I'm moving so here is a pointless picture of the boxes that I am packing my stuff in incase you all didn't believe that I was actually moving".


3. My, "I just got baby lips so I should probably take a picture of it and then take a picture of my lips". Probably why it only got less than 10 likes.


4. This one is actually pretty funny to me and has a story behind it, but still is pretty pointless. People who don't know the story are probably thinking wow, great lookin' radio.... not. Anyways, I rest my case with this one. It's pretty much a fail.


5. When you just get engaged and start getting excited about wedding planning that's when you post everything wedding related, but did people really need to know what magazine's I was reading? I mean really, who cares.

6. My, "hey everyone, I'm starting a diet so for proof here is my monthly supply of slim fast (which is absolutely disgusting). My husband even asked me what I was doing when I set up the "display"! & yeah, you read that right!1 I did just post this 2 weeks ago! lol #guiltyascharged


7. Everyone posts pictures about what they are wearing because they feel "trendy" or "cute" and obviously I am guilty of this too. So here's my "cute" outfit picture, but really who cares right?

8. Apparently I need to announce it to social media what all I got on sale at Bath & Body Works...... uhh no. Honestly, looking back it isn't that impressive. :P

9. My, "guess what I got for my birthday" post. I guess I was just excited because I love Scentsy, but really did I need to share this?

10. I am a perfume hoarder and I guess I really needed everyone to know by sharing this whole bowl of perfume spray & I'm pretty sure that NOBODY cared. At least that's what I would think. by the whopping 3 likes!!

So there you have it! My 10 Instagram fails! I'm sure I will have a part 2 to this next year because it was pretty fun looking back and seeing how dumb my pictures were. Also, I'm pretty sure I'll take more pointless pictures... but isn't that what Instagram is all about?! ;)

Until next time, Lexi

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Better late than never!

So, I'm a little late on the weekend recap, but at least I am getting to it now! Well last week and weekend a lot of EXCITING things happened!!! Finally after six months of searching I have finally found a full time job. Even though my new years resolution here was to get a full time job at Gulf Power that just was not in Gods plans. I was hired on at Landrum last Friday and I am seriously loving it so far. Soooooo let's get to my weekend recap and get into all the details of my new job and random cute kitty pictures :)

As usual being a part-timer and barely getting any hours I always had Thursday-sunday off! (I am probably going to miss that later on) lol.  I got up around 9:30 and went for a nice long run around the neighborhood. I am so proud of myself because I have finally gotten to the point where I can run the entire time and not stop. Clean eating really does give your body more energy and obviously to control my breathing which I never did before. Well that and actually having music to listen too!! My husband bought me an iPhone holder for my arm and I just run with that. After my run I changed into my bathing suit and my best friend Brittnee came over and we headed to the pool! It was such a gorgeous day and I am SO glad that we got to spend some time together. It was nice to relax by the pool and talk about the future trip we have planned at the end of June and all what we will be doing. After laying out for about 2 hours we headed to Fuji for some yummy food ! I got sushi and asked them to do brow rice instead of white and it wasn't as good, but it did its job of getting me full. After heading back home I got a phone call from Landrum asking me for a follow up interview for tomorrow from 8-12 and shadowing the girls and getting a feel for what I would be doing! Of course I said yes and I was so nervous that night and barely got any sleep. To help with my nerves and hopefully make me more tired my husband and I did a workout that totally kicked our butts (but totally worth it)!
"My cute kitties catching some rays before I headed to the pool"

"Laying out with Britt"
"Working out with the hubs"

"After our workout & pooped"

"Love seeing those numbers go down"
Friday morning had finally arrived and I thought I was going to throw up on my way there. I wanted this job so bad and I knew that she had other interviewers that day so I wanted to make a really good impression without looking like I was trying too hard! Well, it worked because I got the job!!!!! Right after I left I headed to Target to waste some time waiting for "the" call. Of course when I was trying to get in my car with shopping bags that's when my phone rings! When I answered the lady said that the girls were really impressed with me and that they wanted to offer me the job and wanted me to start the following Monday. I was SO happy and told her YES!! After we got off the phone I started crying (tears of joy of course) and just thanked God over and over again. That night my husband and I celebrated by going to dinner and movie. It was a great feeling knowing that my hubby was and is proud of me and that I can finally start really helping wit the finances and not rely on only him to pay the bills.

"Love me some kitty snuggles!"
Saturday morning I woke up and went for a run and then I got ready and headed to Hailey's 6th birthday party at Solutia park! It was a pretty but VERY windy day & I pretty much ate my own hair with every bite of food, lol. After leaving the party I picked up my momma and we went to do some shopping at Kohl's and then the mall.  I needed some new work clothes and really I just wanted to go shopping. After shopping for what seemed like an eternity we finally made it back home and then the family wanted to go back out to dinner. I drove all of us to Texas roadhouse and it was DELICIOUS!!!! My dad & I got a raspberry vodka tea and I was reluctant to order it at first because I am not a big fan of Vodka, but you couldn't really taste it. It was super yummy, but I couldn't finish it all. I had to give the rest to my momma because I was starting to feel it! After dropping off my parents I headed home and worked on some homework until Dakota got off of work.

"Happy 6th Birthday, Hailey"!
"Family dinner night!!"
Sunday morning I went to church and really enjoyed the message. After I got to love on Emma and get some sweet baby snuggles. After having to give her up I went out to lunch with my in-laws and it was nice to just be with them because I don't get to do that very often. We went to cracker barrel and I ordered pecan glazed catfish!! I'm not a big fish fan, but I'm trying to eat healthy and lose some weight! Which is actually paying off. I have lost over 4 pounds and I am trying to lose that 5th but I seem to stay in the 150 and 149 range. It kinda pisses me off actually, but we won't go into that. After eating I headed home and went to the pool to lay out before finishing up some assignments for my online class. Another gorgeous day I might add. I went to bed early because I had a big day and had to get up at 5:45!  So far this week has been really good & I am so grateful to have this job. I love that I am able to mark it off of my new years resolution list!
"Sweet baby Emma"

"Pool selfie"

Until next time, Lexi!

Monday, April 7, 2014

My weekend recap!

I don't normally do a weekend recap, but I think I am going to start!! This weekend was filled with good friends and good food that I couldn't eat. I am going to start my weekend with Thursday because that's when my weekend really started.

Thursday, I got to watch sweet baby McKinley! I adore her and love watching her grow. I have been watching her since late February and it is so exciting to see her learn new things such as talking and trying to roll over. Watching her has definitely helped with my baby fever because I get to love on her two to three days a week. I love that she recognizes me now and always smiles at me when her mom hands her to me in the mornings. It just so happened that Thursday was her 4 month birthday & of course I had to take some pictures! She has just learned the motor skills to enjoy tummy time and manages to drool everywhere while giving me a big smile and cracking a laugh every now and then. She just makes my heart melt and I am going to be SO sad when I won't be able to watch her anymore (I am trying to find a full time job). It's bittersweet, but I need to focus on my future with my husband and our future family. After watching McKinley I headed to the hair salon for something new. My husband absolutely hates bangs, but I have been debating on them for a while. I just told my hair stylist to chop them all off and not open my eyes until they are done! When I opened my eyes I didn't even recognize myself. I absolutely LOVE them! I sent a picture to the hubs and of course he was a hater, but I knew that before hand. I have gotten a lot of compliments on them so I think I am going to keep them for a while.
"McKinley enjoying tummy time!"

"The new hair"



 Friday after watching McKinley I went home and got on my running shoes and ran to my friend Chandler's house which is about 2 miles. After I made it there her husband greeted me at the door with an ice cold water!! It was nice to catch up with Chandler and Ben and play with little Oaks! Chandler is planning her 1st birthday party in June & it's going to be Mermaid themed. I am SO excited. After staying and chatting for a while Chandler took me back home (because I was not about to run 2 miles back home, lol) and Dakota was home so he made us some yummy dinner and finished our night with some walking dead!
Saturday I got up earlier than I wanted to because I had a bridal shower to help decorate! My friend Lori is getting married May 10th & I am so excited for her. She is going to make such a beautiful bride and I know with her edgy style and full sleeve tattoo's that her bridals are going to be AMAZING. After getting ready I headed to Publix to get some food and drinks and I got to her house at 12:30. Her theme was the beach so her colors were teal and white and we made it look like you were under the sea! The bridal shower was a success minus the annoying rain that made everyone soaking wet while walking in. I am very proud of myself because I didn't have a bite of anything bad and didn't cave in and eat cake. Even though I was super busy the whole time I managed to take some pictures. After I left the shower I headed over to Chandler's to hang out with her, Jordan, Moe, and of course the cute kiddos! I stayed at Chan's until Dakota got off work around 11. I might end up being one of Jordan's bridesmaids so I may have put my baby plans on hold for a little while longer. I really do not want to be a huge whale about to pop at her wedding.
"Me with the beautiful bride"

"The cute cake and cupcakes! I made the frames in the background too"

Sunday morning I went to church by myself as usual because Dakota had to work. It was a good message and I actually got something out of it. Everyone seemed to be in a weird mood that day so I decided to do my own thing and came home to eat some lunch and then I headed over to my parents house to hang out with them until Dakota got off work. It was a nice time. I finished up some homework and then I told my mom about some recipe that I wanted to try! My brother and I headed to the grocery store to pick up some items that I needed for the shrimp avocado salad and then a few things that my mom needed. While in the car my brother and I actually held a conversation for more than five minutes. It's not that we don't get along its just that we are total opposites and in different areas in our life. Of course it was storming and we got drenched, but I managed to take a selfie before looking like we jumped into a pool with our clothes on. Once we got back I started cooking and chopping away. Let me just say that the end result was that everyone was satisfied and there were no leftovers even with making 2 pounds of shrimp! It was good catching up with my family and eating dinner together at the table and asking each other about our day.
"Me & the not so little brother before getting drenched"

Until next time, Lexi