Wednesday, February 18, 2015

28 week bumpdate (Hello, third trimester!)

The last update I had on my little guy was when I had my glucose testing done! Hallelujah people, we passed!! I got the call from my Doctor and everything was perfect. I also got my CBC levels back and that also looked good. Thank goodness, because this girl needs the drugs for labor.
"I can feel him starting to drop"

My sweet Walker is the size of an Eggplant and the countdown to his arrival is 82 more days! & we made it to the THIRD trimester! We are moving on along.
  • He is measuring between 13.6-14.8 inches and 1.5 - 2.5 pounds (let's go with the bigger size, because lets face it.... this baby is going to be large.
  • He's starting to develop more fat, so his wrinkly skin will start to get smoother
  • His lungs are mature enough that he'd probably survive if he was born now
"The size of his sweet little hand (Ovia App)"

Gender: Boy <3

Weight gain: Overall.... around 20

Maternity clothes: Just keep getting smaller. I run out of clothes that fit me every couple of weeks. I swear this child just doesn't quit growing. He gets bigger everyday I feel like. So far I have to get an X large at Target and it's working for me. The spring line is coming out and that makes me excited! Bring on the cute dresses.

Stretch marks: Just on my behind.
Belly button in or out: Still in and I don't think it will be popping out.

Sleep: Sleep is hard. I can't get comfortable and I wake up every other hour to pee.

Best moment this week: When Dakota kissed me bye and then kissed my tummy and told Walker he loved him. Walker kicked me in the same exact spot that Dakota had kissed me. I seriously melted. I knew he heard his daddy and was letting me know that he loved him too. Ahhhh, Walker please get here! I'm ready to meet you.

Worst moment this week: Waking up Monday morning with contractions. Braxton hicks are no joke. They killed me until about 5 and finally stopped.

Miss anything: BEING COMFORTABLE!!! I just want to lay on a cloud and sleep forever.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Especially at night. The other night Dakota put his cold hand on my belly and Walker kicked him so hard. It was the cutest thing.

Cravings: Same thing as usual.

Queasy or sick: Only got sick with the Braxton hicks. Other than that I don't have any nausea.
Looking forward to: My sister in laws Gender reveal ! & Our ultrasound on Feb 28th !!!!  
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A weekend with my Valentine

So, I'm a little late on the weekend recap. Monday was a stressful one for me. I woke up around 1 AM with contractions and they came and went until about 5. It was awful and what was even worse was that I was nauseous the entire time. On top of that I wasn't off for Presidents day so I HAD to go in at work. It was a long and rough day, but once I came home my hubby took care of me. He's such a good husband. With that being said, here's my recap!

Friday at work I got a surprise from the UPS guy! I totally wasn't expecting anything, but once he handed me a box I immediately started to cry. Once I opened it up and read the note from my Valentine, my crying quickly escalated to a Kim Kardashian ugly cry! I just couldn't hold back the tears. Dakota had seriously surprised me and totally made my whole day. He is so good at keeping secrets (unlike me) and I couldn't wait to see him when I got home. Unfortunately, that night he was working on his truck at a friends house and I had some homework to do so I couldn't see him until later that night. He met me at my friend Ben & Chan's house and brought me dinner. I have been craving Pasta and that's exactly what he got me.
"My surprise from my Valentine"
"Winston had to check it out too"
Saturday morning Dakota woke me up early and asked if I wanted to join him for breakfast. It took me a little bit to get out of bed because I had Willow snuggling me hard core. She usually likes to lay on my pillow and sleep, but these snuggles were too sweet to give up. We went to Native CafĂ© on the beach and ended up meeting my sister and brother in law there! The food was pretty good (I got the vanilla cinnamon French toast), and it was nice catching up with them. We all decided to head to Destin for the day to do some shopping. The guys ended up bowling and me and Katie walked around the stores. I couldn't find anything for myself, but I did find some cute things for Walker. That night Dakota and I headed back to Chandler and Ben's to work on an exam for my Financial Class. It's pretty nice having a friend who is in the same class & for Chan looking up some answers, Lol.
"Snuggling with my Willow"
"Dakota bowling"
"Ethan getting bowl on"
"Eating dinner with Oaks. Cheesin' hard"

Sunday morning Dakota and I got up early again and ate breakfast together again. He made us some cinnamon rolls and they were soooooooo yummy. After breakfast we got ready for church. We enjoyed the service and after met his grandparents for lunch at Wayne's diner. It's a southern place and has delicious fried okra and cheese grits. Of course I killed my fried chicken plate and was STILL hungry after it was gone. When we told his grandparents goodbye, Dakota got a call from his momma asking if he could come over and pick up his fish tank. We really just wanted to go home and spend some time together, but decided to go ahead and go over there. It was nice seeing his parents and I got to set a date with his momma for my baby shower! I was also getting my cozy on and Walker kept kicking me. Tracy took a pic of me because she hasn't seen my belly in a few days and he has certainly gotten bigger. I sure do love my little guy. After leaving his parents house we headed home so I could do some laundry and Dakota wanted to unpack some more of the office (yes we still have boxes). When he was unpacking he found this book called " 1001 Things it means to be a dad". I loved watching him read it and even started to choke up and had to stop. Seriously, my heart melted and I don't think I could love that guy more. Once I was finished with laundry we headed out to Outback for our Valentines dinner. I loved being able to spend time with him and enjoyed his company. We haven't been together just us all weekend and I wanted to soak up every minute of it.

"Breakfast with my Valentine"
"Me & Walker 28 weeks"
"Dakota reading his daddy book"
"Yummy fish at Outback"
I am SO blessed to have a man who cares so much for me and wants to make me feel special. It might be the raging hormones, but God couldn't have picked a better man to be my Valentine for the rest of my life. Here I am crying again... happy tears of course.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

27 week update on Mr. Walker!

Yesterday I had my 27 week checkup. I was super nervous about this checkup because it was time to take my glucose test & get my Rhogam shot. I went to do my glucose testing before my appointment and was super nervous for the drink because I have heard nothing but bad things about it. I was asked if I wanted room temp or cold and I immediately thought, "Gross, I don't think I could stomach room temp". Before asking what flavors they had she came out and gave me an orange flavored drink. Dakota took a sip before I did and he said that it wasn't bad at all. Just a really strong Gatorade. I had to chug it and it was actually not that bad, but got thicker as I drank more of it. After finishing the drink I went upstairs for my appointment and my doctor measured my belly and gave a surprised look. Of course I had to ask what was wrong and he told me my baby was measuring 29 inches and that I was measuring bigger for 27 weeks. Well that's all I have heard this pregnancy. He is measuring ahead and I keep asking if this will change my due date, but they keep assuring me that he will be a May baby and that he is going to be big. Like 8 or 9 pounds healthy. I was starting to stress out, but my friends quickly reassured me that a big baby is a healthy baby. After my checkup he had a nurse come in to give me my Rhogam shot! Seriously, y'all if you haven't had it before that needle is SUPER BIG. Like too big to go in my arm. She had to stick it in my lower hip on top of my right cheek. It seriously hurt like hell & burned going in. I had to keep telling myself that it was for Walker's health and that he needed it to survive. Which is true. I never thought being pregnant that I would get poked with needles so much. After I got my shot I had to go back downstairs and get blood work drawn to see how my body reacted to the glucose and breaking down the sugary substance. I still haven't gotten my results back, but hopefully I will get a call in the morning. Keep me and my son in your prayers, please!

"Cheers to 27 weeks"

Update on Baby Boy
  • Walker is as big as a Rutabaga measuring 13.6-14.8 inches & 1.5 - 2.5 pounds (although I know he bigger than that)
  • He's practicing inhaling/exhaling with his rapidly developing lungs
  • It's official!! He is showing brain activity and his brain will keep on getting more complex
  • He can regulate his body temp

Update on momma
  • Super swollen feet & legs (To the point where they hurt and are tingling)
  • Have a hard time breathing when sitting on the couch. I have to actually sit up straight and can't "lounge"
  • Hair is getting thick again & I'm loving it
  • Very, very hungry all the time
  • Starting to get sleepy again, but not as bad as the first trimester
  • Getting excited and anxious to meet my little man
  • Having a hard time finding clothes that fit me are comfortable, but I did score a cute dress and some tops from Old Navy, and  Motherhood Maternity!

"Old Navy outfit"
"MM dress"

Our next appointment is March 3rd for my 30 week checkup! I can't believe we are almost there!!!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

26 week bumpdate!

Sorry I have been MIA lately! We have been moving all last weekend and week. We haven't had internet until now & everything has been in boxes. As you can see my blog got a face lift from the wonderful Ash from the Grits Blog! Seriously, she is the best & I couldn't imagine a prettier design. She did exactly what I had envisioned. Girl's got talent! Getting off topic here, but I just can't help it. I love everything she did.

 Now without further ado, my 26 week bumpdate that has been put on the back burner. I didn't want to skip it even though I'll be 27 weeks on Monday.
"26 weeks with Walker James"

Baby boy is the size of a Butternut Squash with a countdown of 93 days until I get to hold him in my arms!
  • He is measuring 13.6- 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.5 pounds
  • His eyes are forming and will soon start to open
  • He's getting his immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up my antibodies
  • He's taking breaths, too. They're of amniotic fluid, not air, but it's still good practice
  • Most of his bodily systems and functions are now intact, and most of the rest of his development is purely revolved around putting on height and weight

Gender: BOY!!

Weight gain: I don't weight myself at home... I wait until my appointment which is this Tuesday. Hopefully the numbers aren't too bad.

Maternity clothes: Usually I buy from Old Navy & they are having a clearance on maternity clothes so you know where I'll be today.

Stretch marks: Nothing on my stomach, but got some on my boobs & butt.
Belly button in or out: Still in & I don't see it popping out anytime soon!

Sleep: Sleep has been difficult lately. I just can't get comfortable. I have a body pillow that I lay on my side with, but somehow always wake up on my back.

Best moment this week: Hearing Dakota talk about Walker. He had me tearing up with a text he sent me last night.... " I am so ready for Walker to get here". I don't know why, but it made my heart melt. I can't wait to see them together.

Worst moment this week: Walker stressing me out by not really moving for two days. I was about to call my Doctor, but all of a sudden he started moving all around again. I don't know what the cause of that was, but I don't want to ever experience that feeling again.

Miss anything: Being able to wear cute clothes and feeling pretty in them.

Movement: More at night time, but he is can detect light now so he kicks me sometimes right when I wake up and get in the shower.

Cravings: Same! I stick to the same food groups... Cereal, Mexican, Sushi, & Honey butter chicken biscuits.. Oh & RAVIOLI

Queasy or sick: Neither!
Looking forward to: My 27 week checkup on Tuesday. Not looking forward to the Glucose testing...  

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