Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend recap//The big announcement

We finally announced the BIG news to everyone via FB last Saturday. I can't believe how many people were so excited. It looks like this baby is going to be spoiled by everyone & I'm perfectly okay with that.

Friday night Dakota and I met up with our friends the Ervin's at Red Robin. The food was good, but I barely ate any of it. This pregnancy thing is weird. I literally feel like I'm starving & when I get in front of food I eat 5 or 6 bites and I feel so full. I guess it's a good thing for now because I could be eating everything in sight and gaining weight. After dinner we had plans to go to the movies with them, but had to make a pit stop to meet my sister in law and her husband to pick up the chalkboards they made for the announcement. Seriously so cute!!! They both looked so good & I am so grateful to have some artsy fartsy people in the family because I can barely draw stick figures.. much less write people on a chalkboard. After meeting with them we headed to the movies and met back up with Chandler and Ben. We watched the Maze Runner and it was seriously so good. Like really good. I would probably watch it again & again.

Saturday morning Dakota and I had to get up early for pictures because according to the weather it was supposed to start raining around 11 & we didn't want to get caught up in that. We picked up my momma and headed over to the spot where we wanted to take pictures and got there around 9:30. The scenery is gorgeous and was really going well with my cowboy/rustic/ theme I wanted (if that's even a theme). While taking pictures the weather was nice, but we literally were getting raped by mosquitos. My poor mom had bites all up and down her legs/arms/ chest.... and me all over my legs. Somehow Dakota managed to only get bit once on the arm? After taking pictures we took my mom out to lunch to thank her for taking such cute pics. We ate at Another Broken Egg Café' & it was alright. It tasted like any other breakfast restaurant just looked a little fancier. Speaking of fancy, I ordered a chocolate milk & what I got chocolate milk heaven. After we finished up eating Dakota and I dropped my momma back off and then headed home to look at the pictures and watch the FSU game. It was another ugly win for the books, but still a win.
"Get in my belly"

Now the moment you've all been waiting for!! The announcement pictures!!! I am so grateful for my mom and her photography skills because these pictures turned out great. I am also really grateful for my sister and brother in law for creating such cute chalkboards! These pictures would not have been as cute without them. I have been waiting to take these pictures and I am seriously so excited because it makes this pregnancy feel more real with the baby being involved in something. I am so ready to hold my sweet baby. I know it feels like forever away, but really it's not! It's almost October & in December we get to find out the gender! Dakota and I have FINALLY decided on a boys name that we both love. I'm not going to say anything just yet, but I'll announce it when December rolls around.
"I love this one"

"My favorite"

"Love this man more than anything"

Sunday morning Dakota had to work and I had lazy day. All I did was laundry, paint my nails, and watch ABC family. It was wonderful and I really needed a restful day with nothing on my agenda. Now hopefully I can get through this work week without falling asleep at my desk!

Until next time, Lexi! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Ultrasound// 7 Weeks & 1 Day

Today was by far the best day of mine & my husband's life. Hearing your baby's heart beat for the first time is such an amazing and surreal moment. We have prayed and prayed for our baby and that he/she would have a good, strong heart beat and boy did he answer our prayers. God is SO good.

Tuesday morning I woke up at 7:15.. without an alarm clock. My body knew it was time for the big day. I actually did sleep the night before, but I tossed and turned a lot. Dakota and I headed over to West Florida hospital where my Doctor is and got there at 9:00am. Before the ultrasound the tech took my weight (ouch) and then had me pee in a cup. Of course the one time I need to pee I can't, but I'll go 50 times a day no problem any other day. Fortunately I gave enough and we were able to proceed to the ultrasound room. After getting changed Dr. Reynolds greeted me with a warm smile and said to me, "Well that didn't take long"! I had just seen him back in June for a seminar about pregnancy and for my pap-smear. He knew we were trying and told me it takes most young and healthy couples to get pregnant on average 4-6 months. Well we got pregnant in 3 which to me seemed like forever because I was constantly tracking my ovulation and counting down the days to my next pregnancy test. After he checked my cervix he gave the okay for the ultrasound tech to do her thing. Of course for the first ultrasound it isn't over the belly... and my goodness it was uncomfortable. It didn't really hurt, but I did feel a lot of pressure the whole time. As soon as she inserted the "wand" Dakota and I saw our baby on the big screen! It was amazing! At first I kind of freaked out because she didn't say anything while she was doing measurements and I couldn't hear a heart beat. She reassured me that the baby did indeed have a heart beat and a really strong one at that. She turned on the volume and there it was. Our babies heart was just beating away. The heart beat was 165 and according to the old wives tales the higher the heart beat means its a girl and lower means a boy. Obviously it's too early to tell, but I am hoping for a girl.

After the ultrasound I got changed back into my clothes and Dr. Reynolds gave me a packet with some information and had me get some blood work done downstairs. Last time I gave blood I passed out so I was a little nervous. Dakota told me that they weren't going to take that much, but uhh they took 6 big tubes and tested for so many different things. Finally around 11 we got out of there and headed to cracker barrel to eat lunch with Dakota's mommy. I got the French Toast with strawberries on top (yummy)! Apparently my eyes were bigger than my tummy and I barely ate any of it. After lunch Dakota and I headed back home because we had to get ready and go to work. I really didn't want to go in, but I need to save up my PTO and using 4 is way better than 8. Of course I had to bring my ultrasound pictures to work because all of the ladies I work with knew what my appointment was for and they were all so excited.

Dakota and I are so excited for this next chapter in our lives!! Our next appointment is October 21st and once again I am counting down the days. Of course now I have a peace of mind knowing that our baby is okay so I can take a breather. We are going to announce the pregnancy on Saturday and I am SO ready. Keeping this a secret has been the hardest thing ever. I have told close friends and some family, but of course we have to make it FB official. Until then I tell everyone to be hush hush about it..... but in reality they probably aren't. Lol, but who can blame them? It's an exciting time! Enough of my rambling. It's time to enjoy some pictures of Baby Ward!
"EDD May 11, 2015"

"We love you so much already"

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend recap

Friday after work I had to meet my co-workers at Kohl's so we could shop for some fall uniforms. I literally wanted to shoot my brains out..... all of these women range from 21 to early 50's so obviously we all have different style and opinions. We could not agree on ONE thing! I was about to lose it because for once my husband got off on time and was at home and I was stuck at Kohl's listening to women bicker about what shirts they liked or didn't like. As if it couldn't get any worse we went to another store... oh and you guessed it! We still couldn't agree on anything. It was already 7:30 and I headed home after  the second store and fortunately I got to spend a little time with my hubs before we went to bed. We ate pizza together and watched some t.v. It was a very quite Friday night and I actually enjoyed it. Our cat Willow was getting a little frisky when we were trying to wind down and kept bothering us so Dakota decided to annoy her and do the simba thing. Turns out she didn't like that too much and left us alone the rest of the night, lol.

 Saturday morning Dakota woke up early for work and then I had to get up around 6:45 to be at the Blue Wahoos stadium to participate in the Heart Walk! It was a gorgeous day and the breeze felt amazing! I signed up with my work and only a handful of people showed up. It was a good time and I liked that I got to exercise because honestly I have been so exhausted lately that my routine is go to work, eat dinner, and go to bed. I want to walk around the neighborhood, I really do... but it just never happens. My bed looks to comfy to pass up. I finished the Heart Walk around 9:30 came home and took a shower and took a nice long nap! I woke up around lunch time and did some homework and watched some t.v. I headed to my parents house around 4:00 to take pictures of my brother and his girlfriend for their Homecoming dance. They have been dating two years and are seriously the cutest. After taking 500 pictures we waved goodbye and I got a little emotional. My baby brother is a senior and it seems like yesterday Dakota and I were headed off to our senior homecoming too. That night my parents made Tacos and we watched the FSU game. Oh my gosh... I literally felt like I was going to have a heart attack the entire time. It was entirely too close and we were making way too many mistakes. I'm just glad we pulled through in OT. It sure was an ugly win, but a win is a win and I'll take it any day.
"Gorgeous day for a walk"
"Team Landrum"
"Everyone lining up to walk"
"The cool kites after finishing the walk"
"Garrett and his girlfriend Ashley"
"They're so cute"
Sunday morning Dakota had to work so I slept in and didn't wake up to an alarm clock. It was so ah-may-zing. I could have slept longer, but I decided to roll out of bed around 9:30. It was a lazy morning and really didn't do much of anything until I got ready for my grandpa's birthday lunch at my parents house. We arrived around 1 and the food smelled awesome. The menu was grilled steak and vegetables, corn on the cob, strawberry & feta salad, and sweet potato fries. It was super good then but as the day went on it got nastier after every burp. That's one thing about this pregnancy that I absolutely hate. Every single time I eat something I keep burping it up and it makes me so nauseous. It's the grossest thing and sorry for the TMI but I would rather throw up in the morning than taste my lunch all day. After celebrating my grandpa's 69th birthday, my granny and I headed to the mall for some Bath & Body Works! We were both getting low on our essentials and definitely stocked up.  After buying what seemed like half the store we stopped in Sephora so I could get a new foundation and powder. My face is SO broken out right now (just picture a pizza) and I'm very self conscious about it. I have never had acne and since being pregnant all my face does is get a new zit on it every day. I'm hoping with getting the more expensive stuff instead of Wal-Mart that it might help out with my skin. I ended up getting the Kat Von D foundation and I'm really excited to use it!
"Showing off his birthday presents"
"Love this man"
"Me & my sweet kitty Jezi"
Well folks, that's all I have to say for my weekend recap. I wish it was more fun and exciting, but I promise next week I'll make up for it! Dakota is off all weekend and we are taking the pregnancy announcements! I am SO EXCITED! Speaking of the baby, we get to see our little jelly bean TOMORROW! Yes people, I said TOMORROW. The day is finally arriving after a long month of anticipation and I just can't wait. Dakota and I are so thrilled, nervous, anxious, etc.

Until next time, Lexi!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend recap // First purchases for Baby Ward!

Friday afternoon I met my granny for lunch at the Egg & I. It's a really cute restaurant and I love their food! We both ordered a cup of clam chowder soup and a Greek salad. I have ordered the Greek salad numerous times before, but this time it gave me bad heartburn. I'm thinking the baby didn't like the onions or the olives... so I'll have to be careful about that next time. After we ate our food we still had some time left before I had to go back to work and we walked over to JC Penny's since it right across the street. I was hoping to find some really cute baby cowboy boots for the announcement but I couldn't find anything that weren't toddler. However, I did enjoy looking through the baby section and came across a really cute onesie that said, "My uncle rocks". I sent a picture of it to my little brother. He's really excited about the baby and I know he's going to spoil his niece or nephew rotten. I have a feeling that this baby is going to be a boy and Dakota and I already have the names picked out!
"When I know it's a boy I will have to go back and buy it"
 That night my friend Jamie came over and surprised me with presents for me and baby. She got baby his/her first book and a sweet smelling teddy bear. She also got me a necklace with a really cool story behind it. The necklace is called a harmony ball and has been a tradition in Bali for generations for women to wear it while they are pregnant. A similar tradition exists in parts of Mexico where the harmony ball is called a Bola and the pregnant women wear the Bola necklace. The pendant is worn on a long necklace chain or cord so that it rests on belly bump of expectant mothers and as she goes about her daily routine the soft chime is, after about 16 weeks, heard by the unborn baby. Also, I thought it was really cool that the wearing of the harmony ball necklace while pregnant is soothing to the baby and creates a bond. The major benefit of the harmony ball is realized after the baby is born, during breast feeding, when the sound of harmony ball helps soothe the baby during what sometimes can be a stressful time. I thought that was such a thoughtful gift and I can't wait to start wearing it when the baby can hear. After the gifts we headed to Chili's for dinner. I got the Chicken Fajitas and Jamie got a spicy chicken pasta. It was nice to have some girl time and chat about the future. After getting stuffed we headed to the mall and my mission was to find a dress for the announcement pictures. I really wanted something that was busy and colorful. I went in to Old Navy first and found nothing, which sucks because I had $20 off a purchase and it was about to expire. So instead of sticking it back in my purse I saw a girl who had a lot of clothes in her hand and probably needed it. I told her I couldn't find anything and thought maybe she could use it. After leaving Old Navy we went into my favorite store in the entire mall...... Francesca's. Seriously, all of their clothes are SO cute and that's where I got my dress that I wore to Jordan's Bridal Luncheon from last weekends post. I found the perfect dress and I am really excited to wear it. Now all that's needed for the announcements are a chalkboard and cute baby boots.
"Baby's first book and bear"
"Of course the kitties have to check it out"
"The harmony ball"
Saturday Dakota had to work and he was gone before I got up. Once I finally did wake up it was about 9:00. I swear I can't sleep in anymore and it makes me so mad! Instead of laying in bed tossing and turning I got up and did some homework. After finishing up my assignments I got ready and ran a couple of errands. First stop was pampering myself to a Spa Pedicure. It was nice, but oh my lord that lady dug in my toes. I usually enjoy my Pedi's but this one wasn't worth the extra $$. I enjoyed the hot rock massage, but the plastic wrap around my legs were weird. After getting  my pedi I headed over to where my friend Jamie works at a cute little boutique called "Uniquely yours". Right when I walked in I saw the PERFECT chalkboard that I had been looking for. I'm going for a southern/rustic look for the announcements and this fit the theme perfectly. Of course at boutiques they are pretty pricey, but I had to get it and I am really glad I did because later that day Jamie called me and told me that I won the raffle drawing and I won a $25 gift certificate! SCORE! I promise my hubby that I would bring his some coffee and after leaving the boutique I did just that. Fortunately, he was at Post 10 and hadn't received any calls so I got to sit with him for a little bit while he drank his chocolate chip frappe and me a blueberry pomegranate smoothie. I got to hang out with him for about 15 minutes and then he was off. It was cool to watch them load up in the truck and zoom out of their with lights and sirens. I am really proud of my husband and I know he loves what he does, but boy do I hate his long 12 hour shifts. That night I ate dinner with my grandparents at Texas Roadhouse. I'm really close to my grandparents and I love spending time with them. After eating I went to my parents house because I was supposed to watch the FSU game with them, but for some reason they couldn't bring it up on the T.V and watched a movie about football instead. Dakota got off really late and complained about not feeling good and that he was nauseous. Sure enough at 3:00 I woke up to hearing him throwing up.
"The "spa" pedicure"
"The rustic chalkboard <3"

"My sweet guy drinking his coffee"
"I just really liked my outfit. Polka-dots are my thang"
Sunday morning was a rough one. I don't mind taking care of my sick husband. I can do that all day, but when it's throwing up is when I back up and let him be. I can't stand throw up and once I heard him puking up his guts I got him a cold rag and put it on his neck and immediately ran out of the bathroom. He called into work and then called his other work (WF Hospital) and asked if a doctor could call him in a prescription of some Zofran so his nausea would go away. Luckily there's a CVS that's open 24 hours and at 4 AM we were headed that way. Of course Dakota forgot his wallet and we had to turn around and get it. Once we got home I brought him some pillows and a blanket and tucked him in on the couch and took my sleepy butt back to bed. Once again I woke up at 9 wide awake and checked on the sick guy. He was awake watching some Netflix. That afternoon my sister in law called me and asked if her and her husband could come over. When they came through the door she was holding up an outfit in each hand for the baby! It completely shocked me and I got really excited it. The outfits were so CUTE especially the kitty on the butt.. OMG! One was for a boy and the other a girl and they both had a saying about loving their auntie. Can't blame her on that one. We all sat around the table and talked while Dakota ate his chicken noodle soup that he didn't want, but I made him eat it. He's such a stubborn thing. We all talked about other churches to go visit next Sunday because the one we attend now is never going to be the same. After they left I did some laundry and watched T.V and ate lunch. It has been storming for about an hour now so I see a nap in my near future. I'm going to enjoy this rainy lazy Sunday with my hubs even if he is a sickling.
"The outfits from aunt Katie & uncle Ethan"

"One spoiled baby already"

Only 14 more days until we get to see our little jelly bean! I'm ready for it hurry up because we have so many excited family members and close friends ready to see your first picture.
Until next time, Lexi!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekending fun//Labor day laziness

Friday afternoon I met Dakota for lunch @ Moe's and it was soooooo yummy. Moe's has never let me down and I promise I will be going back real soon! That night we are taco pizza for dinner and then Dakota had himself an ice cream and decided to share some with our kitty Willow. I couldn't determine whether I was grossed out or jealous because he never shares his ice cream with me. We had decided on going to a movie that night, but wanted to make a pit stop at my parents real quick since it's around the corner. Dakota wanted to drop off some shrimp that he bought for my brothers fish tank and we were going to tell my parents the BIG news! My dad had just come back in town from a long work week in Largo, FL. I told him welcome home and handed him the little present. At first he was like, "Uh, why do I need a welcome home present"? and I told him to just open it! Right as he opened the bag he looked at me and said "for real"?? and then he showed my mom and she started crying and saying "OMG"!!! I put a little pacifier in the bag and a little note that said, "To my Grandparents". I think it's safe to say that my parents are super excited and my parents already have a bet on what the gender is. My dad thinks it's a girl and my mom thinks it's a boy. I have to side with my momma on this one because I have a feeling it's a boy too! I AM SO EXCITED. Anyways, we lost track of time and didn't make it to the movies because we were so caught up in the moment. I didn't get to take any pictures, but the memories I have are just as good. After leaving my parents house we decided to go home and get some sleep because we were both exhausted.
"Sharing Ice cream with daddy"

"Our pregnancy announcement to both parents"
Saturday morning Dakota was off and oh how I love waking up next to him and having a morning cuddle sesh. We decided to get out of bed around 8:30 because we just can't sleep in anymore here recently. I ate watermelon for breakfast (yummy) while Dakota drank his morning coffee. After eating the whole watermelon I did some homework and Dakota worked on his truck. I was starving by lunch time and we both got ready and ate some Panera for lunch. While we were eating there was a couple a little older than us with the cutest little boy. He wasn't even a year old and he was already wearing polo shorts and his hair combed over. Seriously, made my heart melt. I told my husband, "That's going to be us next year"! He responded with, "I know. I can't wait". After Panera we hit up Target and did some grocery shopping for the cookout we were going to later that afternoon to watch the FSU game.  Of course going to Target you don't just go there and leave with what you had in mind. We walked out of there with me some new shoes, a pregnancy journal, and Dakota a new Xbox game, and random stuff for his truck. After Target we went home and started cooking for the cookout. Dakota made his amazing cheese and sausage dip and I attempted to make Jell-O out of the FSU mold kit. Total fail.... it was horrible. I ended up throwing them away because it just pissed me off, lol. That afternoon we headed to Pace where Dakota's co-worker lives. They are all Alabama fans and me, Kota, and Heather were representing our team. Let's just say the game almost gave me a stroke and I know made my BP go up.... which I know isn't good for the baby. But a win is a win and I'm just glad we didn't lose to an unranked team (thank the Lord).
"On the way to Pace"

"Love this handsome guy"
Sunday morning Dakota and I went to church and listened to a guest preacher. I like him and look forward to hearing him preach again. Hopefully we can find a Pastor for our church, because this bouncing around thing is getting pretty old. Especially when we have a baby on the way. I really want to raise my child in a stable church environment. Guess we will see on that one. After church I headed to my friend Jordan's Bridesmaid luncheon. It was over at Chandler's house so I helped set up. Jordan and Chandler are the only ones who know I am pregnant and Chandler accidentally spilled the beans when all the girls were over. It was totally awkward and not how I wanted them to know... but it is what it is. They would have all found out soon enough. Anyways, back to Jordan! Her little luncheon was so cute and I can't wait to be a part and help plan for her special day. She is getting married in October 2015 and it feels forever away, but in reality it will be here before we know it. We talked about dresses, music, fun events, etc. I am so excited for her and I know Josh is going to be a great husband to her. After leaving the luncheon I went back to Dakota's house and we told his parents we were pregnant too! We told them the same way we told my parents and it took Dakotas dad a minute to understand it. Once he did his eyes got real big and he was really excited. His momma couldn't read the letter out loud because she said she would cry. It was a moment that I won't forget either. After night service we all went to cracker barrel and it was nothing short of amazing. Seriously, there hashbrown casserole is to die for.
"Cute décor before the food"

"Cutest cupcakes ever"
"Me and the beautiful bride"

"Check out that BLING ;)"
Monday morning Dakota had to go back to work and I slept in until 9. I got up ate some breakfast and watched a few episodes of the Wahlburgers. Once I got the energy to get up I did some laundry and cleaned around the house. I decided to watch some Netflix while waiting for the clothes to dry and omg, my favorite show Once upon a time is back on with season 3! I'm not lying when I say I watched 4 episodes back to back. Hey, it's a holiday and I'm off work. Watching Netflix and snacking on Watermelon is exactly what I wanted. That night my parents came over for dinner and we had some tasty ribs. Of course we talked about the baby and what we wanted to do for the gender reveal. It might be early planning, but hey December will be here before we know it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend! I know mine was definitely one to remember.

Until next time, Lexi :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

We have an announcement!

Dakota and I are expecting a sweet bundle of joy in May 2015!! We are both so excited and we can't wait to see our little one in the next few weeks. As of today I am 4 weeks and we have only told close friends and our parents/siblings.

Remember my last post about the faint lines and waiting to take another test Thursday morning? Well, the day I found out my friend Chandler had me come over and take some more tests that night because she just knew I was pregnant (Chandler is pregnant too and we were having some of the same symptoms). I took another and it gave me two pink lines right away. I started running to Dakota and brought him back to the bathroom. He looked at it and he was like, "wow, two pink lines". I started crying and just saying over and over how I couldn't believe it. Well, as we are eating dinner at Chan's, Dakota really wanted to get me another test that actually said Pregnant or not because he didn't trust the lines since we had a faint one that morning. Once he came back I took the test immediately and sure enough it said PREGNANT! It was definitely a surreal feeling and I was on cloud 9 that whole night and really the whole week. We get to see our baby for the first time on September 23rd and I feel like it's forever away. We are going to announce the pregnancy soon, but until then here's some of the "first" pics of baby Ward! ;)

I am so excited to start blogging this pregnancy journey because my very first post back in November I talked about wanting to start a family and creating a blog would be the best way to remember the good, the bad, and the ugly of this whole experience. SO far it's been good except for ALWAYS being tired and getting acne all over my face, but hey this baby is worth every bit of it.

Until next time, Lexi :)