Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oh what fun Christmas time is!

Well, a lot of FUN stuff has happened since my last post! Dakota and I went to a tacky Christmas sweater party, we went to see zoo lights, we made so many stops to family members, and finally had a nice church dinner service and singing Christmas carols at the Pastor's house! I have SO many pictures... so let's begin with the tacky Christmas sweater party!

We went to the Ervin's tacky sweater party the Thursday before Christmas and it was SO much fun! Dakota & I had on the tackiest sweaters we could get our hands on! We borrowed them from my friend Moe's mom. (she's a lot older so she was telling us to make sure to give the sweaters back so she could wear them for the holiday's too! lol). The party had so many people and we played games and the host had props set up! It was so cute and of course I had to take some pictures.

Me and Moe with our naughty and nice props :)

                                                            I could pass for Santa ;)
                                                         Me & the hubs in our tacky sweaters :)
                                                     Jordan, me, and the party host Chandler.
The next night Dakota and I went to see the Zoo lights!! We both had never been before and were super excited. One, I LOVE animals and always am up for going to see them & two I love Christmas lights! When we get there of course it's packed and I am so excited because it must be a big hit and super fun. Once we get inside and pay we start our tour around the park. It was really pretty, but none of the animals were out and it was FULL of LITTLE kids. I'm pretty sure Dakota and I were the only ones there without a child. lol but it was a nice time and something to do. The lights were really pretty and it was really putting me in the festive/holiday mood. All the way back home I made Dakota listen to Christmas music! We made a pit stop before going home and wanted to try the Texas Roadhouse that just opened up in the beginning of this month. Can you say mouthgasm?? Oh my gosh, it was DELICIOUS! I walked out of that place with a food baby AND still had lots of leftovers to take home. Dakota ordered a 23 ounce steak called the Porterhouse. Literally the size of my face.
                                                              Dakota and his HUGE steak.
Love me some Kota.
                                                           The pretty Zoo lights!
I didn't take many pictures on Christmas Eve, but we went to four different houses!! We went to Dakota's mom and dad's to exchange presents with his grandparents, then we went to my uncle's house to play dirty Santa, then we went to my granny's house and exchanged gifts, and last but certainly not least we went to my mom and dad's house for Santa presents! I got so many wonderful things and my dad just loves to play tricks on Dakota! He wrapped his present over and over again and then duck taped it! It was so funny watching him open and get into another box and having to use his knife to break open the boxes wrapped in rolls of duck tape. My family and I are all FSU fans and of course this Christmas we had to represent our team because most of our family is Alabama! It was pretty funny seeing them open an FSU dirty Santa gift.
                                             My dad, me, my mom, and little brother!(GO NOLES)
                                                    My most favorite Christmas present!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Baby steps

So, my title is "baby steps" because well it's about babies! I made this blog mainly to document my pregnancy and the steps my husband and I have taken toward having a family. It's no secret that we are going to start trying next year! I'm not spilling the beans as to when because I want it to be a huge surprise for my family when we announce it! All I will say is that it's probably a lot sooner than what people are expecting (well I guess if we get pregnant real quick). Anyways, back to my title! Today, I had my yearly checkup with Dr. Altenhafen & I was really nervous about it because I have never been "checked" before. Usually, my yearly checkups are just to get a refill of my BC. This year I got married in March and my husband and I wanted to wait until marriage to start having sex & so having another man look at my lady goods was just uncomfortable for me. Turns out I didn't have to get "checked" because you have to be sexually active for 3 years to get anything looked at. After that big weight lifted off my shoulders I started to tell him when Dakota and I wanted to start trying and when to get off BC and all of that good stuff. Long story short, he told me to start taking prenatal vitamins! This made me really excited because it's the next step toward babyhood! My granny went with me to the appointment and after took me to Wal-Mart to get the vitamins. Looking at all of the different kinds and actually being in that aisle was kind of surreal. For some people reading this you're like big dealllll.... its just vitamins. But for me though, it's more than that! Even though I have been married less than a year Dakota and I have talked about babies since I can remember. We even had names picked out before we got engaged (which we are sticking with). This is a step towards a baby for me and it's closer than what I had yesterday! Is it weird that I have all my nursery themes picked out for a boy or girl, NO! Some girls have their wedding planned out even before they meet the man they are going to marry. This chick behind the computer has BABY FEVER! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to get married young (I was 20 & Dakota was 19) and become a mother young! (if all goes to plan i'll be a mom at 22) It's a very exciting time in my life and it makes me even more excited because my husband is 100% supportive and wants the same thing I do. This blog helps me get out all of my feelings and built in excitement/frustration so I don't blab to everyone and their mom. Well, typing all of this has helped my excitement and I don't have to yell it to the world now. Just imagine when I do get pregnant! That is going to be the HARDEST secret EVER to keep from people. I would probably only tell my best friend and of course Dakota.

Until next time, Lexi

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paramedic Graduation

Well, after 18 loonnnggggg months my husband finally graduated from Paramedic school! I am one excited girl right now! Why... well because
1. I actually get to see my husband during the week and WEEKEND!
2. I get to enjoy my marriage and see if I actually get along with my huband! lol, but really.
3. No more unpaid 12 hour shifts!

I guess it didn't help that we got married during the hardest time of his schooling, but hey I wasn't about to wait and year and half to get married. We are going to a wedding this Saturday who got engaged the same time we did and waited until after graduation. Except they live together and are basically married and I didn't have that. I was ready to tie the knot! Anyways, back on subject... I am SO proud of Dakota and all of his accomplishments thus far! Even his medical director Mr. White wrote him a letter of recommendation for a job on the ambulance! Graduation was fun and it was so exciting seeing Dakota finally walk across that stage and receive his patch. After the ceremony all the family went to Fuji for some yummy hibachi! I loved seeing everyone get together and bond. So, with all that being said here are some pictures from tonight! :)

Dakota receiving his Paramedic patch from Director Lee

 Giving Director Lee a signed frame from the class
 Dakota with his Grandma & Grandpa Pitts
 Dakota with his mom & dad
 Dakota with his Grandma & Grandpa Ward
 Dakota with his sister Katie and brother in-law Ethan
 Dakota with my mom & brother
Me and the handsome graduate <3
After the graduation I kept the picture taking going and here are some pictures from dinner at Fuji!
 Me and the "walrus"
 Everyone waiting on dinner
 Me & my sister

The in-laws

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving/Black Friday!

Every year I have a tradition on Thanksgiving (eat until I get stuffed, take a nap, and head for some crazy shopping).  This year I got married, so I wasn't sure how the new plans would go (still not sure about Christmas plans). As usual, Dakota had to work.  :(

Anyways, Thursday morning I got up super early to make an Apple Crumble for Dakota's work luncheon. I was worried how it was going to turn out because honestly, I don't cook/bake that often. But he told me that everyone said it was really good, just a little runny. Nothing flour can't fix!
After I sent him off I started to make another Apple Crumble and a Green bean casserole for my granny's house. It was so hard making three dishes and trying to get ready before 2:00! I did it though and I was actually a little early so I helped set up. Everything was delicious and I got a lot of compliments on the dishes I made. Around 3:30, Dakota pulled in the driveway and it surprised all of us because he was supposed to work until 11:00 that night. It was a nice surprise and I enjoyed spending time with him. Since he was let off work early we went to his Grandma Ward's house and I was already stuffed so I didn't eat anything. That didn't make his grandma happy and basically was trying to shove food down my throat. Finally, I ate a piece of chocolate cake to make her happy and it was yummy but every bite was a struggle. I finally left and went to visit my sweet baby cousin and it was so nice seeing him and his parents. I just love that little family.
Dakota with sweet baby William! (He's going to be such a good dad one day)

Right after my love surprised me :)