Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July top 5!

So, I have been a bad horrible blogger this past month. My excuse? Being so consumed with school and work that I have time for anything else! The times I did get out and do something were for special occasions.... no random beach days, no shopping, but just celebrating the ones I love and myself for rolling over at work! Instead of doing a weekend recap and trying to catch up I thought it would be pretty neat to just do an overall recap of July and share my top memorable moments.

1. My husband turned 21 on the 19th and boy did we celebrate! His birthday was on a Saturday and from the moment we woke up and went to bed we celebrated. That night we went to Outback for his dinner and then went to Play and then Captain Funs. I think we all know how the night turned out for this stud muffin. lol
"My birthday boy"
"Me, Kota, and his best friend Zac"
"Havin' a good time"
"Birthday boy & his ice cream"
"Dakota & Zac"
2. I hit my 90 day mark at work and I am now an official employee! It's so nice to get free benefits and PTO! I actually asked last Friday for August 15th (Kenny Chesney concert) but we will go more into detail on that later. I love having a stable income and being able to help my hubby pay the bills.

3. It was also my mother-in-laws birthday this month as well. We celebrated with all the children taking her out to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel. That place is SO yummy! Of course I had to get her Bath & Bodyworks.
"Katie, Tracy, and me"

4. My friend Jordan got engaged last weekend!!!! EEEKKKK I am SO excited for her. The proposal was amazing. It was her and Josh's one year anniversary and he took her on a plane ride... well the plane landed at his house and when they landed he had a huge "MARRY ME" sign written on a tarp. The whole engagement was a huge surprise and all of their close friends and family were there. After the exciting proposal we all ate dinner and swam and of course talked about the wedding. I am actually meeting Jordan for lunch tomorrow and I am excited to hear any new plans.
"Me & Oaks on the way to the engagement party"
"Right after he proposed"
"My Jordan is engaged"

"Me, Chandler, Jordan, and Zuri"
5. I spent my 4th Fourth of July with my handsome hubby and we went downtown to watch the Fireworks! They are amazing as always and it's probably one of my favorite holidays. We went with Dakota's family and his parents friends. Ate Krispy Kream donuts and watermelon! I can't believe this was already almost a month ago.
"Me & hubs"

"Me, Sarah, and Katie"

"So pretty"
Well, there you have it folks! My top 5 most memorable moments of July. Hopefully after finals week (this week) I can take a breather and have my weekends back. Then school starts back up August 18th. Can I graduate already?

Until next time, Lexi! :)