Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend!

So, I wasn't good with updating my blog last weekend and I figured I would make it up with this weekends post since it was a day longer! Friday I had lunch with my grandparents at a Mexican restaurant right around the corner from my work. The whole time we talked about the house my husband and I are in the process of buying. It was fun to tell them all the plans we have for renovating it & when we plan on moving in. Also, while at lunch my grandparents told me about a 50th family reunion down in Alabama in June. I have never been to a family reunion before and I really excited about going. That night since Dakota was working until midnight I hung out with Chandler, Moe, and their precious baby girls. I love having girls night especially when kids are involved. Call me old, but that was my perfect Friday night (besides missing my husband). We just talked the whole time and watched the girls play and watched a movie to help the girls wind down for bedtime. Chandler got Oaks a puppy for her early birthday present so it was cute to see Oakleigh loving all over him and calling him "Doug", but really meaning to call him dog! Oaks turns the big ONE on June 1st and her momma has a big celebration planned. Its mermaid themed & I'm so excited to watch Oakleigh eat smash her cake in her cute little mermaid outfit.

"Me and my granny at lunch"
"The girls playing with the ball"

"Oaks and her new puppy"

"she's such a sweetie!"

 Saturday Dakota and I slept in until about 9:30 and it was soooooooooooo glorious. We wanted to go to the beach, but just didn't want to deal with all of the traffic. So instead we met our friend Tim and went to Sam's surf city to play on the water slides and lazy pools. It was really fun to spend the afternoon with both of them and just act like a little kid without a worry in the world. After leaving the waterpark we headed to the dry park to play some mini golf! Dakota won first place, I won second, and Tim was last. After playing a round we all split ways and got ready for dinner! After getting home I had Dakota check the mail and sure enough my necklace of the month was here! I LOVE the first of the month now because I always get in a new, cute accessory. My friend Britt tagged along for dinner and we all went to Outback Steakhouse. It's my FAVORITE place to eat and now that I'm legal I can have their yummy drinks too. Dinner was a blast and it was fun just talking and laughing with everyone. I haven't seen Britt in forever and I was so happy that she could come. After dinner me, Dakota, and Britt went to All about Ink and got my tattoo touched up. It has been looking rough lately and it was time to bite the bullet and just go ahead and get it done again.

"Soaking up the sun"

"My lovebug"

"Dakota concentrating, lol"

"My June necklace"
"Me, Time, and Britt"

"My hottie of a husband"

"Yummy drinks"

Sunday morning Dakota and I went to church and the preaching was really good. We really like Jason. Our other Pastor resigned and I really hope that Jason is able to move back here and stay to take the position. If not then I know that God has someone for us that will lead us. After church we went to the grocery store to pick up a few extra items for dinner with my parents and grandparents. Both my dad and my grandpa served in the military and were deployed and I wanted to have everyone over for dinner just to say thank you and let them know how much I loved them as was proud of them. Around 6:30 is when they all came over and we had a delicious taco bar ready for them. My granny came over and brought over some homemade ice cream and that really hit the spot after eating all those tacos. After visiting with everyone we said our goodbyes. My brother stayed over because we had plans to go to the movies to see Godzilla. If you haven't seen it yet then you probably should! I loved it & I would probably watch it again once it's available on redbox.

"Garrett, granny, and mommy"

"Kota, mainman, and daddy"

Monday morning Dakota and I didn't sleep in as late as we wanted to because our kitties were being bad! For some reason on our days off they like to wake us up and meow non-stop! Dakota had plans to meet with Roger around 1 at the house we are trying to buy because the banks needs some estimates on what all needs to be done. To waste some time we headed to the pool and it was a gorgeous day. After an hour of being there and just talking and enjoying the sunshine little William came over with aunt Terri and we all chatted for a bit. I got to hold and love on William. He's such a cute water baby and loved splashing in the water. That afternoon Dakota met with Roger and I stayed home and did laundry and got ready to go to the mall. We just did some shopping and really just spent time with each other. I really enjoyed spending three whole days with my husband! It stinks that it is over now, but we have a vacation planned in June and I am really looking forward to that.
"Laying pool side with a view ;)"

"All mine!"

"Sweet baby William"

I hope everyone had a wonderful memorial weekend! I know I did :)
Until next time, Lexi.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend!

Mother's day weekend was a busy one, but nevertheless it was wonderful and full of love. I always love holidays and Mother's day is one of my favorites. I love showering both of my moms with gifts and just letting them know how much I appreciate and love them.

Friday afternoon I went out to lunch with my husband. We went to Fazzoli's and it was alright. The breadsticks were yummy, but I can't say the same for the pizza. I love being able to spend time with my husband and we like to take advantage of his days off because he very rarely gets them. After getting back from lunch I found some Jamberry nail wraps at my desk! One of my coworkers sells it & I have been asking her to bring some in so I could try it. I only had a couple to choose from that would fit my nail size so obviously I went with the chevron. :)

"My Jamberry nail"

 Later that night Dakota and I met his parents at our little sisters recital at her school. It was their parents 27th Wedding anniversary and they had plans for a really nice dinner so they left early and we stayed through the whole thing. Once it was over us three went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. That is probably one of my favorite restaurants and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their steak. After eating dinner we headed home with Hannah and we all hit the hay around 10:30.
"A selfie before going to the recital"
"Me and my other momma at Hannah's recital"

"Me & Hannah"
Saturday morning Dakota's alarm clock went off around 3:30 AM for work and so once he got out of bed I star fished like nobody's business. I woke up on my own around 8:45 and did all the loads of laundry and just picked up around the house. Hannah was still sleeping so I tried to be quiet, but she eventually woke up around 10:30. That afternoon her momma picked her up and then I headed to my momma's to get ready together for a wedding! The wedding was at Jubilee at 3:30 and I have been waiting for this day for 5 months! I used to work with Lori and she was texting me the whole time before they got engaged saying he was acting all weird and then he popped her the question. I also helped out with her bridal shower and did some of the planning. She is a good friend of mine and like I said before.... I was super excited for the wedding. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I loved all of her decorations and she looked stunning. Lori is covered in tattoo's and I LOVE it. She is one of those girls who has a badass/edgy personality, but is SUPER girly. I cried like a baby when her daughter walked down the aisle and then even more when she did. I didn't even cry at my own wedding when I was saying my vows, but I sure did with hers. They are both a godly couple and have overcome so much to get where they are now. It was so rewarding to see how much God was in their marriage and how much they cared and included him. It isn't a commitment with just man and women. It is a commitment with God as well. After the wedding I headed back home and changed so we could meet Dakota's parents at Applebee's for an early Mother's Day dinner since Dakota had to work. We all had a good time and Tracy loved her presents. She is all about nautical stuff so I got her a really cute frame, a beach/ocean smelled candle, coconut flavored body wash, and some Scentsy. Once Dakota and I got home we snuggled on the couch and just watched some TV together.
"Headed to the Wedding"
"Their First Dance"

"Me & the BEAUTIFUL Bride"

"Cutting the Cake"
"Tracy opening her presents"

"Me & Jim"
"Dakota & his momma"
"The Ward Family"
Sunday morning was Mother's day and I woke up early and got ready for church. After church me and Tracy went to KFC to pick up food for everybody. We talked the whole way there and it just made me stop and think how thankful I am to have such a good relationship with my mother in-law. She really is a cool and easy going person. I mean it's pretty hard not to like her! Once we got home my brother in law made some banana pudding. I have never had it the way he made it so I was a little skeptical about it at first, but after that KFC it was calling my name. I pretty much ate two bowls..... and nope, not even sorry. Job well done, Ethan! After lunch the family laid around and we watched inception. Talk about blowing your mind. It was my third time trying to watch it and yeah, I am still a little lost. Sunday afternoon I went over to my mommy's house and ate dinner with them and my grandparents. We always celebrate these holidays together and just reminisce on old times. Of course after dinner we opened presents and took a lot of pictures. I got my mom a picture frame with a picture of us from Easter, some hand soap, body wash, and some Scentsy. I got my granny the same thing except for a picture frame. I love being able to celebrate my mom and granny because they are truly amazing women and they are so important to me. Without them I wouldn't be the woman I am today. I can't thank God enough for blessing me with such an amazing and loving family.
"My granny & mommy"

"The Brooks/Ward Family"

Until next time, Lexi!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fun filled weekend!

Well, my weekend was super fun, but super busy! I was doing something every minute of the day and even though they were all fun things it just completely flew over my head. I think I enjoyed it so much because for once I didn't have ANY homework to do because the spring semester is OVER!! & the good news is that I don't have to go back to school until June :)

Friday morning we celebrated one of my coworkers Brittany & congratulated her on graduating with her Masters! We had sparkling grape juice and fruit. It was so yummy & I am glad I didn't drink my breakfast yet. That afternoon I ate lunch with my granny at Panera bread. I love eating lunch with her and catching up about our day and the week we have had. The diet bet had ended the day before and I caught her up on the winners and that I had lost 8 pounds! Long story short on the diet bet nobody could agree on who the number 1 winner was so everyone just got their money back and just congratulated each other on losing the weight. Also, my husband and I are trying to buy a home and because of the flood it damaged it and they had to rip out the kitchen cabinets, and half the wall's drywall. It was really heartbreaking to know that the house we have been looking to buy since we got married just opened up in March and then right when we got pre-approved it gets damaged from the storm. It was also another one of my new years resolutions for 2014. After getting off work I headed to the Nail lounge for a manicure since my acrylics were looking pretty rough. I got the gel & I am pretty happy with how they turned out. After leaving the nail lounge I headed to the mall to waste some time while waiting for Dakota to get off of work. I hit up a bunch of my favorite stores and got some more goodies for my moms on Mothers day next weekend! Finally, after walking around the mall for what seemed like forever I headed home. I decided to check the mail which I never really do because it's usually nothing, but for some reason I felt the need to open up the mailbox and there was my package from the necklace club!!! Every month I get a necklace delivered to me and it is the most exciting thing seeing what it looks like. I actually got two necklaces this time and I was even more excited. That night Dakota and I ordered pizza and watched our saved recordings of The Walking Dead. It was nice to just stay in for the night and be with each other watching one of our favorite shows. We didn't have a care in the world and I love nights like that.
"The girls celebrating Brittany"

"May Necklace"
"My favorite! May necklace #2"
"Gel manicure"
Saturday morning Dakota got up around 5:30 and headed to work while I slept in and it was wonderful! I woke up around 9 & cleaned the house. It has been so hectic lately with mine and Dakota's schedule that we have been slobs lately. Not saying that my house looks like a tornado went through it....... but.... Anyways, I deep cleaned the bathroom and picked up random items off the floor everywhere. Once I got done cleaning I got ready for Linda's baby shower. It kind of made me sad that it was such  super gorgeous day and that I wasn't soaking up the sun, but I would feel selfish if I didn't go. I had taken her maternity pictures and already told her I was coming. I mean it's not everyday that you get to go to a baby shower. The sun can wait! Once I got to Linda's shower I was so glad that I showed up to support her because not many people did. I mean it was a nice shower and everything, but a lot of the tables were not filled up. I am so thankful that my mother in law came with my sister and grandma! We all sat together and talked the whole time. It was good seeing my other mommy because for some reason we haven't talked lately. I think I have just been so busy with finals and stressing about this house and other things that I kind of kept to myself and shut people out. Totally got off topic, but the shower was so pretty. The theme was butterflies and there was butterfly decorations everywhere. The games were fun, the food was good, and I loved watching her open the gifts. They got a lot of clothes and not much necessities, but hey.. can't complain. When I have my baby shower I am not registering for a SINGLE clothing item because I know I will be getting loads and loads from mine and Dakota's family. I want as many diapers, bottles, wipes, burp rags, and medicine as possible. After the shower I headed to Target to finish up the rest of the decorations for the mothers day presents. While I was there I obviously had to look around and shop and ended up finding a super cute dress that was on the sale rack! When I got home I waited for Dakota to get off of work and we headed to the movies and saw the other woman. I have been wanting to see this movie SO bad and I was so excited when Dakota finally agreed to go with me. *spoiler alert- Dakota loved it too! We laughed so hard and I for sure want to buy it when it comes out on DVD! After a long day Dakota and I were both SO tired that once our heads hit the pillow we were out.
"The present table"

"Her absolutely adorable cake"

"Opening presents"

"Me & Linda"
"Enjoying the sunshine & rocking my new necklace"
"Just hanging out waiting for the movie to start"

"I sure do love this man"
Sunday morning once again Dakota was up before the sun and I slept in until it was time to get up for church. After getting ready I sent Dakota a picture of me taking my first Prenatal vitamin pill and asked if he was really ready because we have talked about it and we are ready to start a family and are actually going to start trying sooner than we had planned. After I sent it he told me how cute I was ;)! I won't discuss any details, but it's happening sooner than you think my fellow bloggers and we are so, so, so excited.  The whole reason I created this blog was to track my pregnancy & that is finally going to happen!!! We already have the names picked out and everything. After the service I went over to my in laws and helped make some yummy burgers and tots. After eating and spending time with them I headed over to NAS to take pictures of my cousin and her niece to give to her mom for Mother's day. They were super sweet and I really enjoyed taking their pictures even though I was covered in sweat and sand. After taking their pictures I went back home and did an enormous amount of laundry and watched a movie. It was nice to relax and have time to myself. That night my granny called me with some extremely exciting news about the house. The owners were going to fix the flooding damage and are dropping the price! Hallelujah!!! We went over to check it out and recruited Dakota's parents to see it and get their opinion. They both really liked it and thought it would be a good fixer upper. The house is in need of some TLC real bad & I can't wait get started. Maybe my new years resolution will come along after all along with some other things! ;)
"The picture I sent my husband"

"Taking pictures of this sweet baby"

Until next time, Lexi