Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weekend Recap!

I haven't done a weekend recap in lord knows how long! I decided to do one from this weekend (even if it is a little late) because there were so many firsts and I loved every minute of it.
"Oh I love Christmas time"

Friday, I worked a half day and met my mother in law and Walker for lunch. We ate at Chili's and it was so good. I haven't been out with just my MIL in a long time and I really enjoyed her company. We caught up and talked about the kids and Christmas plans! Walker was so good the entire time and even watched some football that was on the T.V above us. Once we left I loaded Walker up and we headed to Hobby Lobby to meet my bestie and her little girls. I needed to find some gifts for some family members and she wanted to look at some Christmas decorations. I seriously love this store. If I received gift cards from everyone for Hobby Lobby and Kirkland's I would be one happy girl. After we checked out we headed to the grocery store to pick up some items for dinner. We decided to cook for the guys instead of going out. The menu consisted of Salad, Spaghetti, and Cookies. My husband decided to eat 6 which didn't leave much for everyone else because the second batch was accidentally burnt! While we over there my best friend was surprised with some BIG news! She's expecting Baby Ervin #3 !!!!! To say she was shocked in an understatement. I was feeding Walker and all of a sudden I hear her screaming from the bathroom. They just announced the pregnancy on Sunday and it's seriously the cutest thing ever.
"Baby #3 announcement"

Saturday, Dakota and I took Walker to the mall! We wanted our little guy to get a picture with Santa! We waited in line for about 30 minutes and I was nervous about how Walker would react. Some other kids just started at him and gave really uneasy looks to their parents. Some others screamed, and guess what my child did? He pulled on Santa's beard and gave us a big smile! He loved it & I love how the pictures turned out. We put him in some suspenders and a Santa hat and he was the cutest thing ever. I'm going to cherish these pictures forever! I can't believe it's already my baby's first Christmas! After we left the mall we headed to the Gulf Breeze Zoo to look at the Christmas lights. We met all of Dakota's family and their church friends. The lights were super cute and Walker was sitting in his stroller just staring at everything. He really enjoyed the flashing lights and I'm sure if he were in my arms he would want to get his hands on the ones that were hanging like icicles. We also went on a train ride and he smiled the entire time. It was pitch black so we didn't get to really see any of the animals, but it was still a fun time. Walker didn't cry the entire time and let me take several pictures of him. Usually he gets tired of the flash, but he was the one flashing that gummy smile!
"Walker and Santa"

"Three generations of Ward boys"

"Walker and Cole"
"Us on the train ride"

Sunday, Dakota took Walker to church while I stayed home and got ready to go to school. It's finals week and I had to meet my group for the second to last time. Once I got home I found Dakota in the backyard with one of his friends clearing out the trees and burning piles of sticks. I even helped out a little bit before it got dark. We are wanting to have a clean backyard with a fence and a concrete slab for Walker to play on! We live on a main road so we don't want him playing out in the front yard. Once Dakota is done clearing out all of the trees we can start building our fence! Oh I can't wait! I have an idea of how I want Walker's FIRST Birthday to go, but we can touch more on that later.
"Can't wait for the end result"

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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